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I just ordered Only Lovers and What We Do on Netflix so I can do a double-feature. Which one should I watch first?

Both sets of of vampires could probably benefit from find amusement in this book:

I saw OLLA first, and then months later, WWDitS. I think that was an acceptable order, because OLLA is aesthetically more serious, but still has humor and sweetness to it. WWDitS is very touching at times, and largely more humorous. The documentary style of the latter also gives it an earnest kind of charm *u* 

They both deal with the usual vampiric existential concerns and they both have different takes on vampire physiology/mythology (in at least one major way OLLA vampires are fragile in a way that WWDitS vampires are not), and the rules of vampiring in general. I don’t think either really usurps the other in these categories.

In a way, (and aside from their different rules), I think the vampires from both could exist in the same universe, so it doesn’t really matter which order you see their stories in, as they could be existing simultaneously ;]



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I think each character in the series would have their own version of this. Like a “How to Vampire” book by Gabrielle would be about living it up in the jungle and a version by Louis would explain how to be incredibly emo and the best ways to burn stuff, etc, etc. 

YES. People? Make these. Here’s the generator for it.