Hi, I’m asking you because I don’t know where else to turn (pun intended). I’ve been a fan of Rice’ books, and vampires in general, since my early teens (so around 15 years or so) and I have recently started to regain my interest. However I find myself in the same pickle I was in when I was a teen: There is no complete register over all the different kinds of vampire lore from all the different works of fiction, or at least I can’t seem to find one. Do you know if one exists? And if so, where?

Hello! Ah yes, a very good question.

I’m not surprised that you’ve been into vampires in general for 15 yrs. Vampires are such good stuff and can be written/depicted/analyzed in so many different forms and variations. Limitless possibilities really, bc creative ppl can choose to stick to the more classic rules about them, and others throw them away, or explain work-arounds… limitless possibilities! JUST LOOK AT THESE SPECIMENS:


Lestat is THE ONE THAT DIDN’T GET INTERVIEWED but let’s all acknowledge that IWTV was at least 65% about him… also bonus points to THE HALF-BREED ASSASSIN w/ a sword out, inching up on THE SPARKLY ONE…

[^tumblr source, artist unknown, tell me if you know who it is, I did a reverse image search and had no luck]


[^tumblr source, vampire lineup by Jeff Victor, who clearly skipped IWTV. OH WELL HIS LOSS SO I ADDED A LESTAT CARICATURE BELOW, tumblr source, artist unknown]


As for a complete register over all the different kinds of vampire lore from all the different works of fiction, I think that would be fairly difficult, unless it was online and consistently researched and updated by more than one mere mortal.

These lovely ppl are being tagged bc they may know of such a register: @askavampirologist​, @gothiccharmschool​, @annabellioncourt​, @forthegothicheroine​, @fyeahgothicromance​, @vampiressuck24​. Anyone else who might help out on this is cordially invited to answer, too!

Every vampire compilation I’ve ever seen in a library or bookstore has been a curated collection only showing specific examples of different vampires, presumably so that the author could move onto other books/projects!

My own blog is a curated collection. While I feature other vampires in my #vampire tag (from the Lost Boys, Only Lovers Left Alive, What We Do in the Shadows, etc.), I actually don’t love all vampires in fiction (*cough* Twilight *cough*) enough to make this blog the register that you’re looking for 😛

Hope that helps!



Shit where did I park Louis

The real question here is: Is he asking Louis where he parked (the car) OR is he asking where he parked Louis (the vampire)

Louis does not stay parked, it’s very inconvenient.