Tumblr is actively shadowbanning visual artists





Yes, it is.
They stated that no account will be deleted, only adult contents will be oscured and and made private.
But it’s not what is happening.
Tumblr is shadowbanning all visual artists, no matter if they have NSFW or SFW material on their blogs. And this is mainly damaging the visual artists in the fandoms.
The proof?
Until some time ago, typing “Johnlock” in the dashboard search bar, I had among the popular results, tons of fanarts from the most famous artists. The fanarts were the most immediate and numerous result of the research, I’m sure you remember this.
Now it has completely changed. These are the search results on “Johnlock” search from today. There are almost exclusively text posts, chats, and memes. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against memes or text posts, they are great. The problem is that fanarts, manips, photosets, gifset, and even most of the actors’ photos have disappeared from the research.

Is it strange? Not a result from Anotherwellkeptsecret, Reapersun, Bluebellofbakerstreet? How is it possible?
Because Tumblr doesn’t want fandom material on its site anymore, and it doesn’t give a toss if it’s SFW or not. You’re a fandom artist? You are punished by becoming invisible.
So much for “SFW content is still allowed,” right? :)))
No, in reality it is not.
How are users supposed to find new artists to follow, if they’re shadowbanned?
How are arists supposed to make themselves known and show their creations, if they can’t be seen?

I surely don’t have to remind you that many artists use commissions to pay bills and as a help to live. If they are no longer visible, they will lose commissioners, and even if they don’t do commissions, this attitude of Tumblr will discourage them from creating new art, since they will be invisible.
There will be less new contents, less ficlets written under fanarts (if I don’t see the fanart, I can’t write a ficlet inspired by it).
We are all losing, due to the new Tumblr policy.

All of this adds up to other forms of boycott that Tumblr is using:
– internal research that no longer works: you can no longer explore the tags in a blog, because you do not see any results;
– some users don’t appear in the list of the notes to a post, even if they added something;
– for many users, their most popular posts are no longer visible under their username and blog title;

Tumblr doesn’t even allow anymore a visual preview of its own links, inside and outside Tumblr:

Besides, there are the old problems this site always had, never solved and now even more serious. The @ function doesn’t work anymore for many of us, and many peole don’t receive notifications from other users who have addressed them specifically.
Seeing what the situation is like, I don’t think they have the will to fix any of these errors.

Ultimately, we can also decide to remain here, but it’s clear that the site no longer wants us here, and it’s doing all it can to crush us and make us invisible.

But what can we do to fight back? Not much, I’m afraid. The only thig I can think about, is:

Follow and reblog





Make sure you follow all your fave artists before December, 17th, so you can keep track of them, and you can visit their blog directly, if you don’t see them in the search or in the dashboard.
And reblog their art, EVER. It could be the only way to save them from the oblivion.
Lurkers, readers, writers can be safe, for now, but our artist comrades are under attack.
This is the time to show that a fandom is truly a community, giving them all the support we can.

As a form of protest, and since I believe that Tumblr will try to shadowban this post, I have decided that I will punish it every day.
Deal with it, @staff 🙂

“Not safe for work content will be taken off starting Dec 17″

“Also Safe for work content will be removed”

If Tumblr is so desperate to kill itself just shut down the servers

Well, this is worrying.

It’s not surprising but seeing more people getting hit with a shadowban makes me wonder where Tumblr is eventually heading towards. It’s like looking at a person very slowly walk towards a cliff, and no matter how much you yell at them, they just keep walking.

Still, let’s see where this is going.

Writers are as well!

There are cases of writers being shadowban with our own fandom! Along with other fandoms!

Tumblr is destroying their own website to the ground.

This is disgrace for all creators!

Spread the word!

Writers and artists are being hit by this ‘new and improved’ tumblr cycle.

Please have other links where your readers can find your work! Just in case, tumblr decides to shadowban you as well or worst delete your blog.



So, it seems Anne has shown a little bit of interest in this guy…

Don’t give up, Cody Fern fans! I’m on the fence with the idea of Cody being Lestat (that being I haven’t seen much of AHS, so forgive me) but I hope you get a better response like this!

Idk VC fam, thoughts?

YES!!! As someone who loves both Versailles and VC, I love how much of an overlap we’ve gotten recently! In case y’all didn’t see Evan’s response to this tweet:

ALSO, Alex Vlahos who plays Evan’s lover, Philippe, in the show Versailles, is super enthusiastic about VC too, and there’s been a lot of pull in the fandom for him to play Louis! 

I actually had the chance to meet both Evan William and Alex Vlahos at a convention, and when I saw them, I wore my Lestat shirt:

Evan didn’t comment on it, but Alex LOVED it!! When he saw it at first, he scoffed and shook his head, but when I told him I was rooting for him to be involved in the show, he smiled super big and shrugged and said “I don’t know, I mean, I’d love to! We’ll see!”

ALSO, Alex answered my question on a periscope Q&A session when I asked about VC, and said he’d love to be in the VC TV series. 

So yeah, sorry for the long post, but I think both Alex and Evan would be great candidates for the show, and it’s really cool that my two favorite actors from my favorite show also love my favorite book series!



‘Pleased to meet you…’


– When you’re experimenting with wigs and flouncy shirts… and then remember you have those elongated canines in your fancy dress drawer/regular clothing cupboard… and suddenly VAMPIRE SELFIES HAPPEN! 

– I regret nothing ^^ 

Coming into a fandom late











































Coming into a fandom early and watching it become an angry clusterfuck


Being in a dormant fandom that suddenly comes alive again after a new book/movie


Don’t forget about those who come in the midst of a fandom war. 


Accuracy at its best

Being in a fandom and not even knowing there’s a war going on…

all of this shit…lol

When You’re Not In The Fandom But You’re Nosy AF

When you get into a fandom only to discover it’s dead

This gets better every time I see it. 


Being in a dead fandom…

Or being in such a tiny fandom that it feels like youre the only one

The accuracy hurts.

Being in a fandom that had a shit ending.

When you’ve been fangirling long enough, you’ve experienced all of the above.

Being in a fandom meant for kids.

This just gets better..


When you realize that joining the fandom has ruined you

Fandom hell in general


This^^^ just… ALL OF THIS.

Being in so many fandoms that you don’t even know what’s going on


Trying to recruit people to your fandom

Annnnnnndddd it’s back

Being in a fandom which has so many antis

I’ve probably reblogged this before, but that was before these great additions.

Being in a fandom that actually works together

Why is this so true? All of it.

being in a fanbase but all your mutuals suddenly turn into Kpop blogs


I always enjoy it when a good post comes around again and has been improved by the reblogs like the years for a fine wine.

Being in a fandom when shit goes down and everyone has different opinions

When you are in a fandom and don’t care for others people opinion…..even if they are right…(believe me, I have met several of those)

Being in a fandom you never meant to join

I love this. and it’s gotten better

After abandoning a fandom you’re still a little bit emotionally invested in….

All of these are me. Lol

Being in a fandom on Tumblr

And it reached its epic conclusion

Dear longfic writers








  • If you sometimes feel like it was pure, ridiculous hubris that you ever started a story that would take so much work and persistence to finish, I promise you, you’re not alone.
  • If you feel like you’ve already been writing forever and the “good bits” are still ages away, you’re not alone.
  • If you’ve been stuck for days or weeks or longer because you know what happens later but you don’t know what happens next, you’re not alone.
  • If you’re desperate to squeal about your beloved OTP but you feel like you can’t, because spoilers, and it’s driving you nuts, you’re not alone.
  • If you feel like you’ll never finish and you’re bound to fuck it up somehow, you’re not alone.
  • If you wonder if you’ve sabotaged yourself because who’s going to click through to a 28 chapter WIP, you’re not alone.
  • If you feel like you’ve been pouring your life into a single story for ages and will be for ages still and you don’t know why anymore because hardly anyone seems to care, you’re not alone.
  • If you can hardly even plan the further-away parts of the story or even think about them because thinking about them reminds you how absurdly far you still have to go and you get massive anxiety, please believe me.  You are not alone.


Dear longfic writers

  • I fucking live for your work. Like I love me a little one-shot or a medium-length fic but srsly give me that 100k+ (200k? 300k? yes pls) goodness.
  • I am constantly in awe of your ability to stick with your story, to keep your plot moving and your characters’ relationships developing like just damn.
  • I don’t judge if your updates are erratic. If you’re worried about too much time passing between updates, just know that I and so many others squeal with joy when we get that subscriber notification in our inboxes.
  • There is literally nothing more glorious than watching characters develop through a long-ass fic. Relationships, friendships, character growth? Sometimes after I’ve finished a longfic or I’ve gotten to the last update I’ll go back and reread the first couple chapters just to see how far my babies have come.
  • If you stop updating your fic for whatever reason, that’s okay. We as readers are just lucky to have been graced with your story as long as you chose to write it. You’ve been gifting us with time and effort for this long and we appreciate it.
  • As someone who has had multiple longfic ideas and either (1) got through two chapters and gave up or (2) was too overwhelmed by how much work it would take to actually write, you are my literal superheroes.
  • You are brave and persistent and creative and a gift to fandom, and if you ever need a pep talk I am here to love on you.

Yes. All of this. God bless writers of longfic, you’ve been helping me survive winter for years now.

This. 😢

Bless this post 📚📖

@vesperlionheart @sariasprincy @thefreckledone @beyondthemoor @katlou303 I love and appreciate all of hard work you guys put in your fics!! I’m a huge fan! 

Hey boos, will the sign ups be up soon?





Hello! Your vcsecretgifts mods have been discussing internally when to get the 2018 Exchange going *u* Hopefully we will begin advertising it soon, signups in Nov., so that we have time to assign gifters/receivers, and then give you 4 weeks to make gifts. 

VC Secret Gifts Exchange 2018 is in the works! Your mods are @wicked-felina and @i-want-my-iwtv!

If you’re not familiar with the exchange, check out @vcsecretgifts for info and past exchanges ❤

(I’m happy to see this post generating some interest! We’re going to have another great exchange. I’ll be reblogging stuff from previous exchanges to advertise this one.)

Again, the blog has not yet been updated for 2018, it’s set up for receiving gifts for the 2017 Exchange 😉 The mods will be updating that page for the 2018 Exchange, and we may be revising the form.

For your reference, last year’s submission form basically asked:

–This is unofficial, do not use this as the template for 2018, as we may be revising it, this is a sample version, not me–

Are you over 18? “No” (This is so that people will not make NSFW gifts for minors, honor system)

As a Receiver:

  • What characters/ships would you like in your gift? Any prompts?  “Lestat, Claudia, from the movie, or for Daniel/Armand I like the Night Island time period. Maybe a holiday night at Night Island, doesn’t have to be Christmas. Halloween is cool, too.”
  • What types of fanworks do you want to receive? “Any! I’m easy to please. Fanart, fic, music playlist, aesthetic set, no preference, really.”
  • What characters/ships/etc. do you definitely NOT WANT in your gift? “Santino, Armand/Marius. No NSFW please, and no violence.”

As a Gifter (Santa):

  • What characters/ships would you like to give in your gift? “Theatre of the Vampires, anyone in TVL, Akasha/Lestat”
  • What types of fanworks do you want to make? ”I can make gif edits from IWTV, or make a music playlist.”
  • What characters/ships/situations do you definitely NOT WANT to give in your gift? “I won’t do gifts related to Santino, Armand/Marius. No NSFW and no violence.”
  • Would you be willing to make another gift if someone drops out? “I could do 1 extra, but not more than that.”

Yay! Time again!

It’s drawing nearer…

I just feel like you’d love knowing this but my best purchase ever has been my dvd copy of IWTV

Awww, that’s correct, I do love knowing this! Your bio says you’re a Criminology major, that’s so cool! Now I know who to go to for planning the perfect crime(s).

You didn’t ask for this but here it goes: I was under 17 when movie!IWTV first came out on VHS

(yes I’m that old), I was around 11. I’d read several of the first books, and I wanted that movie BADLY. I coordinated a school friend to get it for me, like contraband, I had to sneak that VHS tape into my house, immediately stripped it of its labels, saved them with my little binder of articles I collected at the time about the movie, and relabeled the tape “Forrest Gump” so that my parents wouldn’t know I had it. Thankfully they never asked to borrow my copy of that movie! That was probably what I considered my best purchase ever, at the time. I watched it when I was home alone now and then, and I’d bring it over to a few friends’ houses, where we’d try to say the lines along with the movie, so that battered old tape really meant a lot to me. It’s where my nostalgia for the movie was born, so as problematic as it is, I have so much affection for it.

Obviously, there was a Forbidden Fruit quality to that, hiding it like I did, and the fact that I wasn’t allowed to watch it, made me want it that much more!

Lestat probably doesn’t like that movie!IWTV is so popular, he’d rather ppl moved on to his book… [digging up an oldie from the archive for ya:]


So, you’ve seen a lot of horror movies. How would you break down the elements of a horror movie? Thinks like the different kinds of subgenres (slasher, psychological, gore, etc.), different types of scares, the different levels of special effects, and such. I’m not much of a horror movie watcher, so I don’t have enough of a background to build up this categorization. The last horror movie I saw was Event Horizon sometime in 2013/2014, and I was a bit squeamish during the later half of it.


Oh, gosh.  That’s a toughie, since there are so many different types of horror films out there, and lots of mini subgenres.  For the most part, I think they fall into five main categories:

  • Slasher (human vs human):  A slasher like Freddy Krueger pushes the boundaries of the genre by adding a supernatural element, but in the end, the focus is on the body count, and Freddy began life as a human.  The same applies to Jason Voorhees.  Peripherally included in the slasher genre are the Italian giallo (a precursor to the modern slasher), and the German krimi.  These are murder mysteries of a very specific tone (I covered the giallo previously here).  The krimi is essentially a German giallo.  The slasher genre is not restricted just to a single killer, but can include multiple killers (such as in Last House on the Left).  Slashers also include killer kids, though killer babies tend to fall into either the Physical or Creature Feature designations due to the fact that there has to be an unnatural force at work for a baby to successfully become a threat.
  • Supernatural (paranormal or religious):  Ghosts, religion, magic, witches, the occult, demons, and possession, for the most part.  Depending on the tone and handling, vampires are typically found here, though there are vampire films that defy this classification (such as Near Dark).  Gothic horror is most often found under this category.
  • Psychological (horrors of the mind):  Extreme psychological stress and psychosis.  Mind games, delusions–basically an attack from one’s own psyche, or someone trying to induce psychosis in another.  Often includes amnesia.
  • Physical (horrors of the body):  Anything that transforms the human body in an unnatural way.  This includes viruses, extreme surgeries (Tusk; American Mary), scientific experimentation not too distanced from reality (Re-Animator), “melt movies” (Slime City; Street Trash), mutations (From Beyond), and extreme physical torture (Grotesque; Flower of Flesh and Blood).  Zombies are typically represented by this category, but may also be considered a genre of their own due to other interpretations (see below).  This is also the genre that cannibal films call home.  While the conflict is human, cannibal films are not slasher films due to the obvious taboo.  There are slashers that also consumed their victims, but the designation depends mostly on tone and setting (the most popular Italian cannibal films are set in exotic locales), or the emphasis on the cannibalism (a film like Feed would absolutely be considered physical horror).  When it comes to mutations, if they veer too far away from human, they then fall under the category of:
  • Creature Feature (non-human adversaries).  This includes animals (of the “nature gone awry” trope), monsters (werewolves, and other creatures of folklore), aliens, giants, and occasionally kaiju.  Human/creature hybrids (The Fly; Creature) also belong here.

Due to their overwhelming popularity, zombie movies may be considered their own category.  While the conflict is human at its roots, zombies usually don’t retain enough faculties to be placed on the same level as slashers, and the greatest threat comes from their numbers.  Many of them fall into the category of physical horror as well, but others (like White Zombie) are more cultural in nature, thus necessitating a distinction of its own.

Then there are the subgenres that cross over with other genres of film in general:

  • Science-fiction horror:  Ridley Scott’s Alien is an excellent example of this.  It’s sci-fi, but scary.
  • Fantasy horror:  These are most often based on, or reminiscent of, well-known fairy tales, or feature fairy tale elements.  Troll is an excellent example of this.
  • Horror comedy:  Humor plays a large part, whether in visual slapstick (Evil Dead II; Dead Alive), comical characters, or intentional camp/cheese (Killer Klowns from Outer Space).
  • Horror anthology:  Multiple stories within the same film.  Examples include Creepshow, The ABC’s of Death, and Kwaidan.
  • Horror romance:  A somewhat rare category.  Includes films such as A Chinese Ghost Story, Warm Bodies, and Let the Right One In.
  • Erotic horror:  Horror with a strong emphasis on sexual content.  Jesus “Jess” Franco was well-known for this particular style.  Quite a lot of vampire films featuring lesbianism can be found here, including Daughters of Darkness.
  • Thriller:  Thrillers–while a category of their own–can bear much resemblance to horror.  Giallo and krimi may often be considered thrillers as well.  These tend to encompass murder mysteries, but the level of violence and a tense enough atmosphere can easily make a thriller qualify as horror.

Troma movies, also, may be considered in a category of their own due to
(deliberately) not fitting into only one–or even two–categories at a

All of these categories branch off into numerous subsets.  There are a few designations in particular that can apply across nearly any of these genres.

  • Splatter:  Splatter refers specifically to the level of explicit gore, and disregards all other plot aspects.  As long as it contains an absurd amount of grue, it can be classified as splatter.  Psychological horror can contain splatter in the form of physical horror manifesting only in the mind, such as in a film like Jacob’s Ladder (though even so, it doesn’t meet the high level of gore required to make it splatter).
  • Exploitation/Grindhouse:  What makes a film exploitation depends on the time period (late 60′s to early 80′s), independent production, lower budget, and most importantly–whether or not there is something to exploit (whether it be nudity, violence, gore, or taboos).  The films of Herschell Gordon Lewis, Ted V Mikels, and Roger Corman can often be found here.  The term “grindhouse” simply refers to the type of privately-owned theaters willing to play exploitation films.
  • Horror documentary/Mondo:  As the name implies, this can be a documentary about horror in general, specific subgenres, specific films/franchises, or “mondo” films.  The Faces of Death series is a good example of the mondo film:  An exploitation documentary covering taboo subjects (sex and death), traditions from foreign cultures (usually portrayed with an inherently ethnocentric lens), and staged sequences that are being touted as genuine.  The name originated from the film Mondo Cane.
  • Extreme:  This refers to those films that go so far beyond the boundaries of literally everything that they have become infamous.  This is usually due to outrageous subject matter, full frontal nudity, explicit sexuality, social taboos, and excessive levels of violence and gore.  Many films of this nature have seen themselves classified as “video nasties”, the director and crew taken to court for allegations of murder, or have been outright banned in multiple countries.  Examples include Nekromantik, A Serbian Film, The Men Behind the Sun, the Japanese Guinea Pig films, and the August Underground films.

There are also categories that have to do specifically with how the movie is filmed.

  • Found footage:  Films that are made to appear as though it is all amateur footage, typically belonging to protagonists that have “disappeared” since filming.  The footage is alleged to be the only thing remaining of the missing characters.  Beginning with Cannibal Holocaust, the genre saw a tremendous resurgence with the popularity of The Blair Witch Project, and is excellently executed in The Bay.
  • Shot-on-video:  Exactly as the name implies.  These are typically independent films shot on a shoestring budget, and shot either onto video tape, or digitally.  The majority were produced for the burgeoning home video market of the 80′s.  Because they are rarely (if ever) released theatrically, they are not obligated to remain within MPAA ratings, and thus often contain high levels of gore, taboo subject matter, and strictly no-name casts.  Very rarely, a high-profile film arises that was shot digitally, and thus transcends the SoV subgenre (28 Days Later is the best example of this).  Shot-on-video films tend to be highly unappreciated, but many are forgotten gems just waiting to be discovered.  Both the found footage and SoV genres came together (at least in spirit) in the V/H/S franchise.

The website Horror on Screen created this handy chart, though their classifications and terminology differ a bit from mine:


(Hi-res image can be found here)

The chart uses color to show where there is often crossover between categories.  The site also offers numerous examples of the various lesser categories. 

When it comes to scares/terror, there are really only four kinds:

  • Tension/Suspense:  This is the most valuable for a horror film, because this is what keeps the audience glued to their seats.
  • Jump Scares:  The cheapest of all scares, these rely on simply catching the viewer off-guard, and startling them.  Anything from a cat randomly landing on the hood of a car, to the killer coming back one last time to grab the heroine’s ankle as she attempts to flee.
  • Disturbing revelations:  Usually present in the solving of a mystery, or in an unexpected twist.  Examples include the discovery of previously-unknown parental lineage, and unveiling the murderer.
  • Sheer abject horror:  This can be the result of a disturbing revelation.  This is reserved mainly for extreme circumstances.  This is basically how I felt at the very last line of dialogue in A Serbian Film.  It’s that feeling where you’re internally screaming “NO” repeatedly at the screen.

When it comes to effects, the best time period for effects has to be the 80′s, as they were a time when on-set, practical effects were a major selling point of horror.  This is where masters like Tom Savini, Rob Bottin, and the KNB Effects crew carved out their niche.  Many newer horror films rely on a combination of practical and digital, and can blend them to marvelous effect (Slither does a good job of this…mostly).  Splatter films will likely showcase a lot of effects work to accomplish the gore, while non-animal creature features show off all manner of elaborate monsters.  Physical horror is the most intimate, as it deals with the human body exclusively, so it can often be the hardest to watch, and horror that merges closely with science fiction will likely include a cavalcade of intergalactic intruders.  Other subgenres, such as thrillers or milder supernatural horror (old-fashioned house hauntings, for example) may rely solely on suspense and sound design, and not feature much at all in the way of blood.  Other films are quite successful at suggesting a much higher level of blood and violence than they actually show (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is the epitome of this).  When it comes to exploitation and shot-on-video horror, don’t expect miracles, but do marvel at what can still be accomplished on a low budget.  Ozone is a fantastic example of getting the best out of having little to work with.

That was all quite lengthy, but I hope it helps!

Hi! I have a question and you seem so knowledgeable about the series! In “Pandora,” Pandora is drained to the point of death by Akbar, then given blood by Marius. At that point she is described as still human. Then she drinks from Akasha, and Marius tells her she is immortal. Why is Marius and not Akasha called Pandora’s maker? Is it possible that they both are? If someone is turned by drinking from multiple vampires, would they not be able to share thoughts with any of them? Thanks!

Hey! Thanks for reaching out to me, I like to think I know something about this series… but I have big areas of inexpertise, in which I call forth those who who would be able to answer better, and you’ve hit one such case.

…which is bizarre, to have this kind of gray area, that I had ALWAYS considered completely resolved, that Marius was Pandora’s maker, and didn’t question it in the least, and then here YOU are, questioning it! I’m more amused that anything else, but still!


Imma take a little stab at it, anyway, and post publicly so as to open this up to anyone to reblog/comment to correct me, offer their own ideas on it.

So! Since there are newer fans these days: Spoilers ahead for Pandora.

Why is Marius and not Akasha called Pandora’s maker?

TL;DR: After rereading the scene, I think Marius is in fact Pandora’s maker, and Akasha’s infusion was post-turning (minutes later) as evidenced by Pandora’s “renewed vigor” and the fact that she’s already perceiving more before she drinks from Akasha.

Longer answer: From what I gather, yes, Akbar drained Pandora. Which in itself does not need to be done by the maker during the Dark Gift procedure. It typically IS done by the maker, but Louis, for example, was already pretty drained by the time he was going to be turned (mortals had bled him more than once to try to cure his madness, um, wasteful!). IIRC, Jesse had suffered a lot of blood loss from her injuries. So the removal of blood is not as crucial as the blood being given. Although, a vampire’s strength may partly lie in how the procedure is done. It’s not an exact science (this post goes into more about that).

HOWEVER, it made it necessary to save her life. Marius has Akbar bring her to the shrine, at which point Akbar sets her down to go beg at Akasha’s feet, as well he should. At this point! Pandora describes drinking blood, and Marius is with her, so it’s his. Then she goes into a lot of description about passing through a veil, changed perception of things, etc. So I think that there is where she was turned officially. 

And then:

“The crown, she would have her crown,” I said. With astonishing vigor I walked forward towards her.

^Pandora seems pretty well revived from being on the verge of death.

Now, within the same few minutes, she does drink from Akasha, but I think this infusion is already too late to be the definitive blood to turn her. It is a powerful infusion, though. As Akasha is drawing her near, the narration says:

I felt myself, a human, held together by the intricate threads of blood which Marius had given me. I felt the design of its support. It had no weight, my body. 

^So I can see where one might be confused bc Pandora is calling herself human here, but she’s also held together by Marius’ blood, and combined with the other points above, I see her as a fresh fledgling already here.

Is it possible that they both are [Pandora’s makers]? 

Sure, it’s possible! It’s fiction, so you can headcanon it however you want, you can justify it in any number of ways 🙂 

@roselioncourt​ would be a very good resource for you in terms of a multi-Maker Dark Gift exchange, bc Rose got this treatment in Prince Lestat. She would have a better answer for you about the mind-sharing situation in that case. 

The act of the Dark Gift, IMO, is the vampire maker sharing their vampiric parasite with the mortal they seek to turn. Since that parasite is the same one, just spread out among all the vampires, there’s no reason why 2 or more makers couldn’t give it over in whatever quantity and produce a single fledgling together.

In Pandora’s case, I feel like the change was already taking root by the time she got the infusion from Akasha, but if you read it as being more nebulous, then sure! Marius and Akasha can both be considered Pandora’s makers!

If someone is turned by drinking from multiple vampires, would they not be able to share thoughts with any of them? 

Yes, I think that’s right.

We’ve seen in canon that typically, a maker chooses their fledgling as someone they want as a companion into eternity. But sometimes fledglings are chosen just to fill up a coven, though, so the maker is not expected to have that intimate of a relationship with just another congregant in the group.

The point to having a mental block with someone who may be your companion into eternity, to my mind, is that if you could also share that aspect of the other person, you might get bored of them pretty fast, or it could be the cause of arguments, or any number of bad outcomes. Putting up this barrier creates some mystery about the other person, and makes it so you have to keep pursuing them, over the course of hundreds of years.

If there’s a multi-maker situation, I would think you’d get the barrier between them and the fledgling only, which would piss off that fledgling immensely. Can you imagine:

Vampires A, B, and C turn Vampire Y. So (assuming none of them are makers of each other) A, B, and C can all share thoughts with each other and Y is constantly left out and bitter about it. Bc they may all be sitting around some nights, and A and B will start laughing randomly and C will chastise them lightly, “Can you guys not? Y can’t hear you.” Poor Y!

I can’t remember which VC it was that AR tried to do some triangulated mind-reading, but it was complicated. Two vampires who were locked from each other could access each other through a conduit vampire who was not locked from them. Might have been Blood Canticle.