louis wears ONLY flame underwear or commando. I will accept nothing less.



my moons 2017 – part 2

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Most definitely not ink, but my pens need a break and I miss my pencil! But, there is ink there, so, technically, yes—inktober. 

Louis and Lestat stargazing, because this one scene in Queen of the Damned as narrated by Lestat never fails to hurt me— it’s actually very easy to hurt me but

“When [Louis] saw the stars, I felt him tense against me; his face was perfectly smooth and serene; and if he was weeping the wind was carrying it away. Whatever fear he’d felt was gone now, utterly; he was lost as he looked upward; as the dome of heaven came down around us, and the moon shone full on the endless thickening plain of whiteness below.”

InktoberVC—Day 12: Your OTP on a date!