It’s Dec. 8, 2018! All Santas, please check in with us by shooting a message to this page, or the mods @i-want-my-iwtv​ or @wicked-felina​, and let us know if you are still in progress on your gift, or if you need someone else to substitute in for you. 

P.S. One Santa has delivered their gift so far! 




These are some shiny ass pants though

Where on earth is this, and are they still there?

Hi! This was at Warner Brother’s Hollywood in Stage 48! I’m not sure how long these specific costumes were out but they’ve taken them out the last few years in October and put them on display somewhere in the studio tour, either in Stage 48 or in the Archives. 😀



Even his unusual beauty and unfailing charm were something of a secret
to him. When you read his statement that I made him a vampire because I
coveted his plantation house, you can write that off to modesty more
easily than stupidity, I suppose. 

Read between the lines.

for @thevampchronicles



Have some more freshly-baked Vampire Chronicles memes from my brilliant friend, Chrissy.


Lestat cannot BELIEVE Louis actually put on the costume he’s been begging him to wear for decades. Louis might look a bit unsure but, really? He’s warming up to it under Lestat’s infectious enthusiasm. 

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope your day is deliciously spooky and full of treats! Here is my treat to you ❤ Pencils for lines, photoshop for color and type. 

The background was made using this material and the type face is Oh No