The Vampire Armand



I literally have no idea what to do with The Vampire Armand.  I remember reading it when I was young and being utterly disgusted with Armand.  I still am revolted by what he did to Claudia, his selfishness and hollowness, and how he has managed to forgive himself while still being so cruel to Louis, whom he, let’s put it plainly, used.

And then again I think about the child whom Marius saved, I think that Marius could not have made a worse blunder in his existence.  Of course Santino would choose Armand to preach his religion.  Armand was already so given to putting first one and then the other person or ideology on a pedastal, and dedicating himself to it blindly.  I pity Armand.

But…Louis was just as cruel to Armand as he was to him. Perhaps even more so. Louis admits it. Armand also has a tendency to lie, so whether or not he actually did that to Claudia is unsure. After all, the only person who last saw Claudia was Louis and you would think he would notice if her head wasn’t on the right body—ashes or not. ;c There’s a lot more to Armand, but you’re certainly scratching the surface. )

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I don’t believe Armand re: the Claudia experiment, he had his motives for making David think he was the kind of twisted mad-scientist (at that time) who would try that, and yet, he spun it in such a way that it seemed like he actually was trying to help her get what she wanted most (if in fact it happened at all)(which I don’t think it did):

“I tried to grant her fondest wish, that she should have the body of a woman…The fire of Heaven destroyed the awful unhealed evidence of my Satanic surgery as it turned her to a monument in ash. No evidence remained of her last hours within the torture chamber of my makeshift laboratory. No one need ever have known what I say now.” – The Vampire Armand

Much sadness, very cry ;n;

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