high res

		He belongs with those reptiles,
		Louis. He deserved to die.

		Then maybe so do we. Every night of
		our lives. He was my brother. My
		maker. He gave me this life,
		whatever it is.

		I did it for us, Louis. So we could
		be free.

	He stands there, saying nothing.

		Louis, look at me.

		I can't. Go away from me.

	Claudia is shocked to her core. She steps back. Louis
	stares at the rippling waters. Gradually the movement
	of alligators stops. Then he hears a sound he hasn't
	heard in years. Soft, choking. He turns, sees Claudia
	sitting by a cypress tree, like a little girl for the
	first time in years. She is weeping copiously.

		Claudia - You're crying -

	We see her face, tears of blood running down it. She is
	heartbroken, lost.

		You never talked to me like that -
		in all these years.

		And you never cried -

		I can't bear it when you do - I
		would die rather than lose you
		Louis. I would die the way he died.

	Louis gathers her in his arms.

		Hush, Claudia, hush now my dear -

		Tell me you don't hate me Louis. I
		did it for you -

	Louis walks her towards the carriage.

		I love you Claudia. Always. And we
		are free now, Claudia. No Lestat.
		Just the two of us, beginning the
		great adventure of our lives.

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