although i DO like the fact that there’s more queer canon couples in vampire chronicles than non-queer canon couples; i do think there’s a lack of non-male characters, like pandora or bianca or mona (who appear only a handful of times), needless to say non-male canon couples

I wholly agree and the few books we get centered around females IE PANDORA and MERRICK are basically boiled down to their lives revolving around the men of the stories. (Even if I think Merrick really shouldn’t have been Merrick’s story but David’s since he was telling it).
The series has so much potential and unfortunately there is a lot of problematic themes and sexism and even racism but ;c )


EXACTLY! the only reason we got to have those books was because david was seeking out for them, a male again. 

i think that the whole series got better when it started to get mixed with the witches, but you’re right about the unspoken racism/sexism; and i mean, with the whole super-queer-androgynous-too-good-for-human-morals thing, it shouldn’t be real hard to make it more open 

#thank you im in love with my url #it kinda reminds me of that too 🙂

((I like this discussion and also wanted to reiterate those tags re: Feministlestat))

I think the mixing with the witches was good in some ways, for sure. I liked that whole Mona vs. Lestat thing, of course they would butt heads immediately, being such alpha types…

That dress scene in Blood Canticle! Where they were fighting over her dressing too sexy… Mona actually had a good line there about VC women:

“And I know why you’re so fired up over Rowan, she’s the first adult female other than your own mother who’s ever caught your attention for more than five minutes, and Hello! Lestat Discovers The Opposite Sex! Yeah, females do come in grown-up sizes! And I happen to be one of them, and this is not the Garden of Eden, and I am not taking off this dress!”

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