//Can I ask a question? What is the difference between the “People of the Page” and the rest of the fandom? I saw Rosie comment about that in one of her posts and you were referenced so I thought you might be able to shed some light on this for a poor confused newbie :)




“People of the Page” is how AR addresses all the people who follow/comment/Like her FB page, but more specifically… it’s her army. 

Hold up, let me clarify. I, for example, “Like” AR’s FB page, so I see her posts on my FB feed. I like to read them, and sometimes I Like them, or comment. 

The difference between me (i.e. part of the non-PotP VC fandom) and the real “People of the Page” is that they are fervently devoted to her and defend her at the slightest provocation w/out question (sometimes that’s good). For example, the big Amazon review conflagration. I actually haven’t read up on that whole thing so I don’t know exactly what happened. 

ANYWAY, the bottom line is that these PotP often side with her on the NO FANFIC issue (and other issues that AR holds dear), which comes into direct conflict with the rest of the VC fandom, who DO support fanfic, etc. 

So we might never reconcile our relationship w/ the PotP but we can coexist with them. Hope that helped!

ooc; I think the thing that bugs me the most about the “People of the Page” is how quick they are to become an army of actual bullies?  Once upon a time, when Mater got bad reviews, she’d actually go on Amazon herself and throw a tantrum.  She’d attack her own fans if they did something she disagreed with (ie: fanfiction).  More recently, she’s tended to not be the aggressor herself.  She’d post “look at this negative review” and encourage “discussion.”  Many of the “People of the Page” would then jump to her immediate support.

An example that comes to mind is this time she linked to an independent blogger’s page.  The blogger had not fancied Pandora, so rather than waste the book, she made the pages into paper crafts.  I can’t remember the exact wording, but Mater said something to the extent of, “This person disliked Pandora so much that they found it necessary to cut it to pieces.  Comments most welcome.”  Tons of people flooded this indie blogger’s page and left her disgusting comments about how she was not enough of an intellectual to “understand” AR’s writing and comparing the reviewer to a Nazi.  Rather than, idk, stop the bullying since AR now claims to champion anti-bullying, she applauded the “discussion.”

Legit the People of the Page sometimes act like the Cult of AR or something.




YES, thank u for the excellent addition, merciful-death. I’d forgotten about the Pandora thing, which is a much better example. I was putting it very delicately, but yes, the real terror is the sense that they are her unquestioning army of minions and can do damage by the sheer amount of them. Now I can really use this post as a resource in the future when anyone asks the difference between PotP & the rest of the VC fandom.

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