What are VC fans called?

To my knowledge, we don’t really have a name, like the Potterheads for HP or the Hiddlestoners for Tom Hiddleston 😦  

We’re just “VC fans.” If I’m differentiating between different vampire media, I’ll say “Ricean vampires” or “VC vampires.” 


It’s an old fandom, so old that I’m pretty sure it predates fandom being the recognized thing it is today. We were also strongly discouraged from creating fanfic, so maybe that’s why we don’t have a name. VC fanfic was underground, the fandom was in hiding, we didn’t want to draw unwanted attention by having a name. The Talamasca slogan might as well be our fandom’s slogan, too: We watch and we are always here. 

Sometimes I refer to us as “People Off the Page,” to differentiate us from the VC Facebook fans who Anne Rice calls her “People of the Page.” More on that here. They used to be a formidable army she could sic on other fans/reviewers/etc., but things have been peaceful for awhile now, thankfully.

I used to refer to us tumblr fans as “fanged little trash kittens” or “fanged little trash monsters” more frequently than I do now. Probably had to do with the fandom trend at one point of saying “I’m such X-trash!/I’m trash for X!” meaning that you loved X thing/character. Seemed only natural that we would be fanged trash creatures. And it’s gender-neutral. 

Any variation on the words Vampire and Chronicles doesn’t wholly work for us, since there are so many other Vampire series and Chronicles series. 

Hey, remember a few months ago when Anne had that attack of Shingles and couldn’t write? That was Nature trying to stop PLROA.

People Of the Page w/ no sense of humor:


People Of the Page w/ a sense of humor:


People Off the Page w/ a sense of humor:


People Off the Page w/ no sense of humor:


People confused about their spot on the spectrum:


The VC Fandom on Tumblr: What the actual fuck Anne? Have you ever heard of an editor? We love you, but you’re scaring us here… look at us, we’re desperately clinging to the idea of mermaid vampires to cope.

Anon Asked the Right Questions


(½) I was… not expecting such a response to my POTP question. I want to clarify first that I am grateful for your response. That I mean sincerely; I harbor no ill-will towards you, and nothing in this response is sarcastic. I’ve always had issue with anyone saying “People from X group are [negative remark here]” if I belong to said group. Thank you for reminding me that such statements can be general, rather than applying to everyone in said group. And I only knew about the fanfic thing –

(2/2) – and the fact that negative reviews of her work were brought up on her page; I didn’t know there were fans who attacked reviewers. The bullet point about the “Beauty’s Release” review sounds like she was being sincere that she didn’t want fans to attack the reviewer, and I don’t see any rabid rage in the comments, but I don’t doubt they did attack the reviewer in place(s) I didn’t see. I was completely unaware of the vast majority of what you included in your response. Sincerely, I thank you.

You are very welcome! What a gracious reply. Anon is referring to this post about the history of the People of the Page that I wrote (with the help of some fandom friends who did not want to be credited for obvious reasons) recently. 


I’m very happy to answer questions when they are asked in a respectful manner, as this Anon did, and it’s even better when I have successfully convinced them of my point(s) let them draw their own conclusion(s) based on the information that I have, or what I can gather from the fandom at large who see/reblog-and-add-to my posts. 

Heartfelt Thanks~*

…to all who saw that post and liked/reblogged, just to be supportive or to have that post available in case they needed to Explain Someone A Thing at some point. It touches me when you do that; it makes it worth the time and effort I put into gathering the facts and answering such delicate questions ^_______^

I am confused… so people who follow Anne on facebook do so slavishly? Maybe we just follow her because we like certain things that she posts? I don’t mean to sound whiny, but lumping all her fb followers together hurts. If that’s not what you meant and you were only referring to the people who /do/ follow her obsessively, then I apologize. I just can’t tell from your words in that post, so here I am.


I struggled with this answer, because, while it would be diplomatic to simply apologize, I won’t apologize that it was hurtful, because, as you’ll learn in this post, that group of “more obsessive” people have been and are much crueler to their victims than I was with that one word about them. 

~Here is a picture of Our Lady of VC for the more obsessive fans to frame and worship~


Side note, before we go any further: Anon, why do you care who I lump anyone in with? I could say everyone who follows X is “a gullible baby,” and everyone who follows Y is “a perfect cinnamon roll, too good for this world,” but that doesn’t make either true. Obviously, if you don’t think you follow AR “slavishly,” then you don’t! Take a breath, this is tumblrland, this blog is for VC fandom love and fanworks (and fandom etiquette and education sometimes), it’s meant to be an outlet, an escape from reality, so don’t take things personally.

This is actually a great opportunity to educate you, Anon, and anyone else who might not be aware of the history between Anne Rice, her “People of the Page” (her phrase, not mine. ”POTP”) followers, her fandom outside of POTP, and outside people who have had opinions on her works. I could write a dissertation on this topic but it’s not worth the effort; this post will be TL;DR for most people. I’m doing this so I can tag it and use it again the next time this topic comes up. 

The short answer is: In the beginning, all of AR’s FB followers were POTP. No distinction needed to be made, because they were ALL highly obsessive to the point that they were her online army she could rally to attack people/reviewers who dared to have an opinion on her works. There have been many instances in which something critical to AR came along – or something that she INTERPRETED as critical – and AR makes a statement on her FB page about it, which is a thinly veiled order rallying her troops to inundate that source with their “discussion” on that review. Sometimes her POTP simply made so many personal attacks in the comments on the offending critical post that the victim is forced to withdraw/delete their review. This whole cycle has happened too many times. In fact, AR has recognized this pattern and actually said that she will no longer link to negative reviews of her works (½/14):

“Guys, I am always open to publishing negative reviews of my work for consideration, to balance the many positive reviews to which I link. But the negative reviewer must bring the review here and request it. When I’ve linked to negative reviews for discussion, some of the reviewers in question have felt that they were unfairly targeted; and they have objected to some of the comments made on their reviews. It just doesn’t work. So I no longer volunteer any negative review, no matter how well written, for discussion. Again, reviewers are welcome to bring their reviews to the page, and post links and offer them for discussion. Same with blog posts. I might not repost every single one; but I’m happy to see them posted on the page and to read them and consider them for reposting.”

“… if I link to them for discussion, some of these people get very upset. They accuse me of “demonizing” them. They call the People of the Page “hell hounds” for their comments. And admittedly, some people do make very unpleasant comments…”

She has 1.1 million followers as of this posting, and I, myself, am one of them. So, of all 1.1 million, at least one of her followers is not an obsessive “hell hound,” as described above.

I actually think she has moved past much of the drama, and now her POTP (both our kind, Anon, and the “more obsessive” kind) are more focused on news items, poetry, VC adaptations & casting ideas, headcanons/canon requests for AR, and other good things she likes discussion on. I enjoyed her #Fan Questions for Lestat, and the 15 yr old inside me still gets excited when she posts something about “Where are they now?” like Lestat doodling on a napkin, or the whole coven all flopped together on a couch watching Hell on Wheels, that’s good stuff *u*

Hit the jump for links to examples of POTP vs. reviewers clashing, etc.

1. War on Fanfic

So this is before the POTP’s time, but it’s worth noting that Anne Rice waged a War on Fanfic in the 1990′s. She had every right to do so, but it destroyed the fandom. She sicc’d her pack of lawyers on all VC fanfic authors, and forced speculative fiction (old-timey-wimey word for “fanfic”) sites to shut down. The fandom was driven underground; fanfic could only be shared very privately, possibly through email exchanges or carrier pigeons.

This experience taught AR a valuable lesson: Anything that she didn’t approve of could be shut down by forces she could marshal. Lawyers cost money, and take on only legitimate legal cases, and legal battles can get messy (she’s had other legal issues but I won’t go there, you can use your newfangled googley-woogly machine for that).

2. The Pandora story

Here’s where the POTP became AR’s army, and they didn’t cost a penny, and there were no legal ramifications in sending them forth on her behalf.

“Kayleigh Herbertson found Pandora to be a poorly written novel where the vampires didn’t act like vampires… after Herbertson was done writing the review she took the book, which was already falling apart, and turned it into decoupage.”

“[AR] chose to respond by posting a link on her Facebook page (where her 740 thousand Facebook followers could find it) and appended the invitation: “Comments most welcome.”.“

Her POTP left an enormous amount of harassing comments on that page, and eventually, it was taken down. Here are my two favorite POTP comments from that article:

  • You bitch! 😡

Here’s a link to another article on this situation, with more context.

3. Mess of Links

Here, have at it. I can’t read through these all, but you can!

Hope this helped! I think we’re all coexisting pretty well these days, her People Of The Page and her – what I like to call ourselves – People Off the Page. Let’s just all take a chill pill and enjoy this series together, and if not, let’s just do it in our own way. Live and let live.

Yes, well, PL readers?






Damn, I don’t know if I could even…..

….know where to begin?

Curious why she wants to know. I mean, I can guess why…but hmm really?

Interesting; I actually have mixed feelings about her asking and about how far she should…

^Interesting little thread re: what People of the Page have responded to AR’s question. 

IDK what I would want. Fanworks kinda satisfy me in ways canon hasn’t, especially in getting more of characters I wanted to hear about and exploring existing canon ships. I take every new VC book as AU fanfic and can pick and choose things from it to assimilate into my headcanon. 

Yes, well, PL readers?





We’ve been getting pings and @’s all morning about ebooks-tree.com who seem to be scraping/taking stories off of AO3 and hosting them as PDFs and mobi downloads on their site; the site seems to be pulling from UrBookLibrary as well. They’re not reading your “do not copy/duplicate” notes on your AO3 fic; their bots are pulling things directly from AO3, without AO3′s authorization or assent. It looks like they are pulling from Wattpad too, again without authorization or assent. 

While the Ebooks-Tree DMCA page seems to imply that you need a lawyer or other “authorized person” to submit a takedown notice, you don’t; you can do it yourself

As we’ve posted before, fanfic writers hold copyright in their stories, although not in lines/quotes from the works they’ve been inspired by, and because of that, fanfic writers can submit DMCA takedown notices, or have someone do it on their behalf. While this post isn’t legal advice (none of our posts on FYC are), you might want to consider using this template (well, the bolded bits) in telling ebooks-tree to take down your content

Your Name and/or Pseudonym as an e-signature (or the name of the person you’ve authorized to submit this request, with a slash before it and after it):
Link(s) to the unauthorized works (link to the pdf, the mobi and the page hosting all of it): 
Link(s) to an authorized version of your work (whether on AO3, tumblr, LJ or somewhere else): 
An email address of the submitter (include it again even if it’s in the header): 
This statement: I have good faith belief that use of the material in the manner complained of is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law.
This statement: The information in the notification is accurate, and under penalty of perjury, that the complaining party is authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed.

That’s it – that’s all they need to know – you can submit all the info via http://www.ebooks-tree.com/info.php?contacts with DMCA Complaint in the subject; you may wish to submit the same content to Google via this page, or to BING via this page

(Fwiw, even though they claim that they comply with the Copyright Act, they aren’t compliant with the DMCA Safe Harbor rules, as they aren’t listed on the copyright.gov list of agents.)

You can also submit a complaint about ebooks-tree to CloudFlare, who hosts the site. Their DMCA page is at https://www.cloudflare.com/abuse/form – as a matter of law you do not need to include the legal name of the copyright claimant/the fanfic writer, but  you should include the pseudonym that the fic was posted under if you don’t want to include a legal name or address.  

Hey, folks. Just so you know, the OTW is aware of this, and we’re working on deciding what action we might take as an organization. For now, here are some instructions on how to request that your writing be taken off the site.

You guys, they took one of my fics ;A; I’ll be pursuing them. To check to see if they took one of yours, copy the url below and replace my pseud with yours.


Fight the theft of fanfic! I’m going to send them DMCAs complaints as shown above. 

Sent my DMCA’s as well. Seeing as they have also pilfered the works of many published authors (including Anne Rice, Stephen King, Neil Gaiman and more) I’m thinking they might be in for a world of hurt. I hope so, anyway. Thanks for letting me know so quickly yesterday- you are indeed Fabulosa!

You’re most welcome! I didn’t realize that they had published authors on there as well. It’s reprehensible to steal fanfic, but it takes massive balls to attempt to steal published work, too.

AR hasn’t mentioned it on FB, does anyone think she should be made aware? She’s supposedly got the best, most vicious lawyers…




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All my Fandom is here….




Out of boredom, and as usual the seasonal outburst of my deep affection and sentiment for the Vampire Chronicles, I decided to give it a second go and ferret about in the tumblr world. 
And apparently, all my fandom is there. And by “mine”, I mean the heretics who simply said “hell no” to “Mater’s” a) church and god preaching, b) The threatening of her own fans (at that time mostly teens!) because of fanfiction, c) her new literary directions so far as her own characters are concerned. And, of course, there are more…bu oh well…

Read More

The force is strong with this Fandom.

Yes, it is!

^ duendology’s ReadMore is an accurate description of what happened to the VC fandom to split between People of the Page and as I like to call ourselves ’People OFF the Page,’ but really, it’s just the actual real VC fandom. I don’t include People of the Page as being in the fandom, they’re usually the worst at remembering/understanding/spelling the most basic names/events/etc. from canon ffs. 

Tumblr is not really the best platform in terms of fandom discussion, but yeah, watch the RPers and ask them questions, you might find very good headcanons about the characters you might not have considered otherwise. You’ll find AU characters like female!Lestat queenofthesavagegarden! You’ll find fanfic (many really good VC fanfic writers have posted their stuff on AO3 and they mention it here). The VC fanart (I put a link to my tag for it, follow the artists you like there!) is here and it’s thriving. There are artists who even take commission for VC fanart. 

To not feel like you’re standing on a highway with so much going by, you have to realize that in Tumblr, THAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN. Let it go. You can’t see/read everything that goes by. It’s okay to miss things. 

Your tumblr experience is yours to make, tho, so if you feel lonely, reach out, contact people, and the ones who respond may turn out to be your best friends ❤