Sure! “People of the Page” is how AR addresses her fans on FB. 

The difference between PotP and the rest of the VC fandom is that they (for the most part) seem to blindly worship her with a fervent devotion that borders on zealotry. I’ve seen them in RL getting very emotional at booksignings and tell her how her book(s) have changed their lives, and she thanks them courteously, but her expression is like, “Omg, take a chill pill, it’s just a book.”

I “liked” her FB page, too. That doesn’t make me a PotP, the way we refer to them. Real PotP members:

  • Don’t question her on any cause.
  • Accept every AR written word as canon (I think they do, but I might be wrong).
  • Support her automatically against any attack. The Amazon bullying is a good example, I don’t know the details but I think she had a right to defend herself against overly negative reviewer(s).
  • Are against fanfic or any other fanworks (when AR is against it)

So clearly the rest of the VC fandom is different, bc we do question her causes, we do not accept everything as canon, do not support her without looking into the issue ourselves first, and clearly, we love our fanfic and fanworks. 

Hope that answers it for you!

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