◆ You’re invited to the second hosting of the Vampire Chronicles Masquerade! ◆

     After only two short months, this fandom has grown a considerable amount! We want this fandom to be a pleasant place for new muns and muses to interact, and what better way to bring fresh faces together than to host a party? All characters are welcome; new and old, this fandom and others, canon and ocs—so long as you have fangs, you’re more than welcome to join us!

◆ How to Attend ◆

    We ask that you please don’t attend the Masquerade without first reblogging this invitation post, and also messaging us here to RSVP. Just tell us that your character will be attending, and you’ll be added to the guest list right away! 

◆ Rules for the Evening ◆

  • Characters from any fandom are welcome to attend, so long as they’re some form of vampire. That includes but isn’t limited to Buffy, The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, and nonfandom OCs. 
  • Each character is allowed to bring a plus one. Your plus one does not have to be a vampire. We welcome plus ones from any fandom, as well as nonfandom ocs. If you plan on bringing a plus one, just send us a message when or after you RSVP so that we can add your names next to one another on the guest list. 
  • Absolutely NO hate will be tolerated at the ball. This event is meant to bring our fandom together, and any drama will quickly be put to an end. If you have a problem with another character at the ball, simply don’t interact with them. There is no need to spread hate, ever
  • Our askbox will be open to RSVP until the night of the ball. Last minute reservations are always welcome. Just be sure that you do RSVP if you plan on taking part in any part of the ball. 
  • For more specific guidelines, as well as a description of how the ball works, you can check out this page on our blog!

◆ The ball will be taking place on July 14th, and guests are encouraged to begin posting threads at 8pm (Eastern US). The Host this year will remain anonymous until the night of the ball. The venue is set in New Orleans, if that’s any sort of hint! ◆ 

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