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5. Lips

They’d argued again tonight, or rather, Armand had stood before him, exasperated as he pleaded with Louis to feel again, to love him, be joyous with him, whilst Louis himself had simply sat apathetic in his chair, listening more closely to the music of Frank Sinatra that played upon their radio than to his companion of years.

He’d died within that courtyard with her eighty-some years ago, and no matter how much or often Armand wished to prop up his walking corpse and attempt to appease him, little would change the fact that he now felt nothing.  Louis was certain it would be only a short stretch of time before the elder vampire left him, and yet he felt nothing for that either.

It had been sudden—Armand’s lips crushing themselves against his, Louis’ eyes widening only slightly in reaction.  The kiss expressed all that his companion—lover—had spoken of, yet allowed him no room to ignore.

For a quick and fleeting moment, his heart clenched with realization that perhaps in some other circumstances, they could have been happy.

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