Handsome Prince, How do you really feel about Sybelle, is she really as eccentric as described in the books? I feel she is a shy, misunderstood young woman.

♛My first impression of Sybelle was her waking me from my slumber with her passionate renditions of the Appassionata. I might have awoken then without it, but I can’t help but feel that her music was necessary; it pulled me, those fierce notes the only thing that penetrated the thick darkness where I was. I still ask her to play it now and then, and it reminds me of that rescue, whether intentional or not on her part. 


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I have not had the pleasure to get to know Sybelle as much as I’d like to. She is not much for conversation. She’ll converse with music, and I have played duets with her, on guitar along with her. 

Eccentric… Who’s not eccentric in our coven? *laughs* Who’s not misunderstood? I will say that she’s not as concerned by her surroundings as you might think she would be, she likes it when Armand or Benji tie her hair back for her, even though she is capable of doing so herself. She seems to carry an old soul and a child’s enthusiasm at the same time; she can be thrilled by little things like playing Tetris on an old Gameboy, and yet, she asks for very little outside of her piano, and her privacy. She has few possessions… keeps her jewelry in plastic bags in a shoe box! Benji’s idea, as the necklaces would tangle otherwise.

I am learning more about Sybelle with every interaction. One thing is for sure, she makes a fine addition to our coven, and I am glad to have her with us.

[^//ooc: Just try and tell me that Valentina Lisitsa isn’t basically Sybelle, just look at her! She’s just older.]

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Casual reminder that Anne Rice once tried to put out a frivilous lawsuit against a new orleans restaurant while acting incharacter as Lestat. 

“Anne replied with another full page ad written by Lestat! In it ‘Lestat’ said "Mr. Copeland, nothing short of your indescribable restaurant could shock me out of my torpor and my coma. I am now myself again. It is nothing short of a stroke of genius on your part to create a restaurant that will be immortalized in history, legend and literature.” “


My favorite part:

” “a whole brigade of revelers appeared wearing plates of rice and beans around their waists, promoting a dish they called Red Beans Anne Rice”. Obviously fun times were had by all as everyone pointed and laughed.“


Beethoven Sonata Op 57 “Appassionata” Mov. 3

Don’t get me wrong, this is beautiful. She is amazing, the piece is amazing. 

This is the piece that woke Lestat up. I  set it as the alarm on my phone to simulate being awoken by this and let me tell u what: IT WORKS. Very alarming, you really cannot ignore it or shut it out, and it’s NOT the most pleasant thing to wake up to. It works though, it really works. 

Just try and tell me that Valentina Lisitsa isn’t basically Sybelle, just look at her! She’s just older.