Martin-Jan van Santen (Dutch, b. 1968, Kampen, Netherlands) – 1: Gone Astray, 2016  2: Balcony  2017  3: Dimly Lit Shower, 2016  4: Wake Up, 2016  5: Vacation  6: Unknown Title  7: Gaza, 2010  8: Embedded, 2014  9: Dare, 2014  Paintings: Oil on Canvas

Hello, I was wondering if you know of any fanart that might have been done on Louis’ brother. I know he wasn’t a major character but I would really love to be able to visualize him. Also, I know there is a fanart somewhere of Armand ranting that Marius is not Lestat’s sire. So would he also rant that Lestat is not Daniel’s sire? Since I know people tend to confuse the movies Queen of the Damned and Interview with a Vampire since they state completely different sires from the books.

Ok well… hmmm…. YOU CHALLENGE MY MEMORY AND COLLECTION and I am in a MOOD TO MEET SUCH. Let’s see what we can do….

1) Paul de Pointe du Lac

The one fanart that is specifically Paul is this one:


X by @baladokentang

^I love this fanart, he’s got his brother’s raven hair and green eyes <3, but Paul is described in canon as “He had the smoothest skin and the largest blue eyes. He was robust, not thin as I am now and was then… but his eyes… it was as if when I looked into his eyes I was standing alone on the edge of the world… on a windswept ocean beach. ” (IWTV) Not sure whether it’s canon or fanon but Paul was supposedly blond. He was 15 when he died.

I have a few other things collected in my #Paul de Pointe du Lac tag, like this portrait I think is pretty canon compliant:


^Portrait of Raymond P. Johnson-Ferguson by Philip Alexius de László, 1923

2) Sire drama and fanart 

  • Also, I know there is a fanart somewhere of Armand ranting that Marius is not Lestat’s sire. 

Hmmm that is a very tough one, I know I’ve seen a fanart or two like that over the years, I’ll try and dig around in my personal archives for that. I do think Armand would take more issue at that than the idea that Lestat might have been Daniel’s maker.

I mean, and I shouldn’t go here but I will, bc I think this is one of the reasons I can’t watch movie!QOTD w/o someone with me, cracking jokes at it…

Marius gets unfairly mashed together with Magnus in movie!QOTD, essentially, bc he turns Lestat w/o consent. Therefore, Marius takes on the burden of having raped Lestat into being a vampire and there is no explicit reconciliation or apology for that crime whatsoever, but he and Lestat are kicking it together in Modern Times, with Lestat seemingly bitter at him and Marius seemingly smug back? It’s ooc and uncomfortable. I think Armand would be more annoyed at Marius taking on Magnus’ actions than he would be pissed at Lestat getting to claim Marius as his own sire, since QOTD!Lestat doesn’t seem all that thrilled with that pedigree.

BUT ANYWAY if anyone out there has fanart in which Armand is ranting about Marius not being Lestat’s sire, plz send it to me, or reblog and tag me!

I have one of Lestat and Armand fighting over Marius, and @garama‘s Antonio!Armand w/ QotD!Marius which is not quiiiite what you’re asking for but might like anyway… that I’ll rebagel after this…

  • So would [Armand] also rant that Lestat is not Daniel’s sire? Since I know people tend to confuse the movies Queen of the Damned and Interview with a Vampire since they state completely different sires from the books.

Ppl may blend together certain things, but I think anyone who’s seen the movies AND read the books takes the books as more true to canon, and the movies as adaptations, which is what they are. But if ppl only see movie!QOTD, I can’t really fault them for taking that info as their own canon, if they like it. 

In MY opinion, since you’re asking: Armand will rant about it @ Daniel in private, but Armsy doesn’t tend to rant about anything he’s personally invested in when he’s in Lestat’s presence, preferring to keep a calm, collected, and unflappable profile as much as possible. Lestat knows this and loves to pester Armsy at any opportunity. There’s A LOT of joking around in the coven about those movies and how Daniel narrowly escaped having Lestat as his fictional maker…

Lestat: “You’d have liked that, wouldn’t you?” *makes a kissy face @ Dan*

Daniel: “Not saying I’d have liked it exactly, but it might’ve sped things up a little…”

Armand: “Are you saying I took too long, Daniel? I had my reasons…”

Lestat: “Dude I see someone I love, I turn them THAT NIGHT,” *snaps his fingers* “If I can possibly manage it, or the very next night, or at least that weekend, gotta strike when the iron is HOT!”

Armand: “Or else they might come to their senses and run as far away as they can get from you?”

Lestat: “HEY!”

Daniel: “I did run from you, Armand…”

Armand: “HEY!!”

Marius and Louis just sit back and watch all this, wishing that they had popcorn they could eat.

Nobody asked for this selfie comparing me and “Lady Agnew of Lochnaw,” by John Singer Sargent but here it is 😀

I’ve always loved that painting, the intensity and intelligence in her eyes, the sense that she is on the verge of delivering a sassy line or breaking out in laughter, also I love the dress, the diaphanous material of the sleeves… *u*


Primavera by Botticelli, painted ca. 1482, vs. the first US cover of The Vampire Armand, published 1998.

WHILE WE’RE ON THIS BOTTICELLI TOPIC. I was thinking about the cover for TVA, and a quick google turned out that was ALSO a Botticelli youth! I don’t know how much input, if any, AR had in this cover design. But it’s a Botticelli so we have to assume whoever pulled the trigger on it knew smtg about AR’s affection for Botticelli, especially as applied to describing Armand.

I tried to put it back into the painting, it had to be flipped twice and rotated a bit…


^IDK about the colors, it does look like the TVA cover made his skin a little rosier, but I’m not sure that Wiki had the right colors for their version. The Wiki article says this person is Mercury. 

What does it mean that it was flipped upside down and backwards from its original context? What does the cropping off of the helmet mean? Any other thoughts?

Hello, sorry to bother you if you’ve seen this before, but I just found Botticelli’s Portrait of a Young Man for the first time, and his expression reminds me of Armand even more than the angel paintings! Maybe how Armand stares and stares at people lol. Hope you have a nice day!

My day was very good, thank u! Hope yours was/is, too. 

I looked for the painting and I found 3, there are probably even more than that… thanks for pointing these out to me, I hadn’t seen them before, I can definitely see some Armand in each of them. 

In all of them I see the “spun amber” hair thing, as David Talbot being a borderline perv including touching him w/o asking first describes Armand in TVA:

“Your hair’s like something spun from amber, as if the amber would melt and could
be drawn from candle flames in long fine airy threads and let to dry that way to make
all these shining tresses. You’re sweet, boylike and pretty as a girl. I wish I had one
glimpse of you in antique velvet the way you were for him, for Marius. I wish I could
see for one moment how it was when you dressed in stockings and wore a belted
doublet sewn with rubies. Look at you, the frosty child. My love doesn’t even touch

Apply that description to these:


^Portrait of a young man holding a medallion. Altho this one doesn’t resemble Armand to me, it reminded me of his painting the ikons in the caves. “Yeah this took me maybe a half hour… commissions are closed.” Bonus points for the subtle trompe-l’œil effect of his finger sort of out of the frame like that.


^Portrait of a Young Man 3. This is more physically Armand to me, and of the attitude of Armand, who has perfected the very difficult to achieve front-facing side-eye expression. He’s also throwing a gang sign, is that a W for west coast or an E for east coast? Armand is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.


^Portrait of a Young Man. This one has awesome hair, all swirled like that. You might call this portrait boring at first glance but if you give it more of a chance, it has a haunting effect. Is he leaning forward a little? It seems like it. This is more of the coven master face to me than the other two. “If there were a leader… I would be the one.”