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Mon Chaviler D’or, may I ask what is your favorite animal? I would like to have it tattooed on me as well as you.

♛I have many favorite animals. Tigers, horses, wolves, dogs, swans, rodents, insects… but above all I’ve always loved snakes, those slender bodies clothed in such gorgeous scales and patterns, that sweet little expression so many of them have with their little flicking tongues, and then those sinister fangs when they open their mouths. I relate deeply to that. I’d love to have a poisonous bite like some of them have. Only, I’d prefer to fire aphrodisiacs into my victims *smiles*


“Ah, come now. I look like an angel, but I’m not. The old rules of nature encompass many creatures like me. We’re beautiful like the diamond-backed snake, or the striped tiger, yet we’re merciless killers”

– Tale of the Body Thief 

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(A)ge: 259.

(B)irthplace: France 

(C.)urrent Time: 10:35 PM

(D)rink you had last: I had fun pretending to slug down an entire ‘86 Louis Roederer Cristal Brut for the last hour.

(E)asiest person to talk to: For a long time, it was my beloved furry son, Mojo, and he’ll forever be the easiest ‘person’ for me to talk to. Currently? Perhaps David, less interruptions or criticisms from him than anyone else, or at least he phrases it in a way that isn’t as harsh, more palatable. 

(F.)avourite song: Probably one of the hauntingly beautiful duets I did with David Bowie of one of his songs over the years. Pity we never recorded those sessions.

(G)rossest memory: Oh well… this could take us down a long, dark, slimy, twisted path in the darkest of woods, and I’m not interested in such a stroll at this time. If we isolate “gross” to the physical, there are some memories I’d never share with anyone… publicly, I’ve reported the time I gleefully licked my own vomited blood off the stones in a nasty old dungeon almost within reach of a mound of putrid corpses, the freshest of which resembled me. Strangely, I’m not ashamed of it. That’s likely more “gross” than most people would ever experience in their lives.

(H.)ogwarts house: I’d say Hufflepuff as I’m not particularly ambitious or interested in spending my time eyeballs-deep in books like some of the more respectable houses would have me do, but I’m sure the Sorting Hat would prefer to kick me out of the school entirely.

(I)n love?: Always. Hourly.

(J)ealous of people?: Frequently

(K)illed someone: Many someones.

(L)ove at first sight or walk by again?: At first bite.

(M)iddle name?: “Misery” … see

below… *smirks*

(N)ickname? Variations on “Brat,” which I’ve rightfully earned.

(O)ne wish: Ah, I don’t know. What kind of wish? For rain? For a personal superpower? For world peace? World peace would be wonderful, but then, I’d have limited dinner options. I can’t answer this. 

(P)erson you last called: I last called Rose about our plans to meet up in Geneva, and I last texted my mother, who marked it as read but didn’t reply. 

(Q)uestions you are asked the most: Whether I’m a top or a bottom and to answer that…


(R.)easons to smile: Giving/receiving pleasure

(S)ong you last sang: ♪If you’re looking for trouble/ You came to the right place/ If you’re looking for trouble/ Just look right in my face…♪

(T.)ime you woke up: Sunset

(U)nderwear: Satin or none.

(V)acation destination: Staycation in bed with a loved one (or several)!

(W)orst habit: Being overly sexual with friends, enemies, acquaintances… I’m obsessed with filing my nails, too. It’s irritating to others for some reason. I’m also late at replies to emails, especially longer ones. 

(X)-rays: Yes? I approve? I liked seeing the x-ray of my teeth for the first time, so macabre. 

(Y)our favourite food: Evildoers. Second favorite: homophobic criminals.

(Z)odiac sign: Scorpio

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Lestat, I would like to get you tattooed one me to make feel safe, was wondering if you that you flatter you?

♛Hmmm… *rubs at his lips with two fingertips* I certainly hope you don’t intend to have this portrait drawn on you at life-size, if such a thing were even possible *smirks* It would be too much beauty for anyone. It’s nearly too much for me… *under his breath* such a burden.

I am honored that you’d want my image on your body in such a permanent way, my eyes and lips always pressed on your skin, touching you, but facing the world outwardly with you as well. So intimate… 


Now I can’t help but wonder: Would you have me on the tender flesh of your neck? Or sprawled across one of the stronger muscles of the body, heralding your strength, a thigh? Perhaps somewhere prominent, you’d always have your “plus one” if I was on your arm *grins*

..Or, somewhere more concealed, covered by your clothing most of the time, existing in that secluded warmth between skin and fabric, only revealed to those you disrobe for? I could be your little secret. 

Wherever you choose to welcome me onto the canvas of your body, I hope my image tells you that I am there to protect and comfort you. Is that not the definition of making one feel safe, after all?

Lestat, what are some of your favorite emojis? (If you use them) Does Louis like them too?

♛I certainly do use emojis, I can have whole conversations through emojis, conveniently. >:} and >:C are favorites…


I often prefer the emojis made by letters to the more modern preset versions, as I started using them before the presets existed, and I find that they are more vague in simplified form, and can be more effective that way. These two are nowhere near the same emotion:


The older version conveys dissatisfaction layered with ennui, possibly disgust, or resignation. The drawn version is more pleased with itself, teasing. Of course they each have their use, some of the preset icons are excellent for quick requests…

To Louis: this message, for “Thirsty?” I had the droplet icons modified in our phones:




To Louis, when he refuses: 


To Louis when he puts his foot down about it:


Of course I very much like to send him barrages of flowers, hearts, and such, on a whim. 

…And it irritates me beyond measure when he replies with this, repeatedly:


This could mean I am in for a serious tongue-lashing, or, a pleasurable tongue-lashing. He’ll keep me guessing until we’re face-to-face.

Lestat, how do I look badass while still being girly at the same time?

♛Ah, fashion. One of my favorite topics. So much can be conveyed in fashion, a story adorning the body. Whatever gender you are, clothes do speak for you before you open your mouth. Certain people insist on advertising themselves as the bargain-bin at a thrift store *sharp glance at Louis.* 

To your question, badass and girly is a delicious pairing. Think pastel colors bound with harsh blacks or metals. Something innocent coexisting with something threatening.

We’re talking

baby doll dresses, lace, floral prints, mixed with protective gear like fingerless gloves, thick jeans or leather vests. Weaponize it with studs, combat boots. Show you’ve been through battles with messy hair, bunched up in plastic barrettes or wild ribbons. Courtney Love, Taylor Momsen, and my own Tough Cookie have done well with that combination. Bold lipstick and eye makeup if you choose to do so, like war paint.

Think to yourself: My mother made me wear this dress when I was 12, I hated it, and I’m rebelling now when I couldn’t before. Don’t mistake my beauty for weakness, I’m equipped for a physical fight. Steel-toed boots and spiked jewelry are a warning that you make offensive attacks, thick leather for defense. Just because you may have lively colors, florals for peace, and soft textures, you’re no frail creature to be f*cked with.


//ooc: @superhiki had a great addition, which Lestat should have stated, but maybe he implied it:

And competence! You can dress however you want and BE a badass by being self reliant! Spikes are a costume, going to the DMV with all the paperwork you need completed filed in a nice folder and the attitude like you’re on a beach and not a rotting government building is arcane badassery that most people can’t handle. Now imagine that control of the situation but you’re also dressed like a fucking rockstar. Powerful.


^Kurt Cobain rocked this look, too.

“Lestat, is there anyone that you don’t want to jump their bones?”

♛”Dearest, it’s more about people throwing themselves at my bone(s),” *scoffs and ruffles her hair* “And, yes, believe it or not, I do politely decline plenty of offers, I have some measure of taste.”


[^X by @vampiredevelopment, revised slightly]

♛(Lestat) I miss you, ma petite fille. It’s been over a hundred years since I’ve heard your laugh, seen your smile, at times it feels twice as long, at other times, as if it were only yesterday, that we shared such wonderful bloodthirsty nights together. Do you ever think of us? Or have you left the nest, taken flight on golden wings, and never looked back?



“Mon cher, Lestat.” Claudia sighed with a sweet smile. “I may have left the nest but my home is with you.” Biting her lower lips she shook her head only to continue smiling. “I think of you too often and I miss you more than you think. You may be a Brat Prince now but you were mine before you were many of theirs….” 

Hey, Lestat! Why can’t Louis see how beautiful he is?


♛It’s probably for the best that he doesn’t know how much he captivates us all, how even his prone and unconscious form strangles my heart. 


He also detests being praised for his physical appearance unless he put his own effort into it; after all, he didn’t give himself those piercing green eyes or the tender crease that appears between his brows when he’s worried about me. His beauty lies not just in his features, really, but the way he aches for the beauty of the world around him, his openness, his dignified demeanor even when I’m testing every last bit of his resolve. And I don’t think he considers any of that to be effort on his own part, it’s just the way he is.