Tom Cruise re: Lestat, 1

“I used the books as a reference for me and, y’know, you have to read them, especially Interview with the Vampire, because it’s from Louis’s point of view, you have to read it very carefully to find the clues to who Lestat is, and y’know… his loneliness, and his, his personal… struggle. He recognizes that Louis’ a unique… being, and if he wanted… y’know it’s that whole thing, and Lestat gives him the choice – very clearly – even in the book Lestat gives Louis the choice, uh, and that’s something I felt very strongly about… and when Lestat asks Louis, "Do you still want death? Or have you tasted it enough?” He’s really asking Louis:

“Do you still wanna die? I mean, now you know, you’ve come close to death, is this what you want?”

Brad Pitt re: Louis de Pointe du Lac:

“You have a guy here who has a… he’s s’posed to do this and he’s s’posed to do that, and it doesn’t feel right for him, but yet, ahh… that’s, that’s… those are his instincts now, so… therein lies the whole dilemma.”