He’s really a terribly lonely character. Everything Lestat does he does out of love and longing–yet he’s sadistic […] Everyone was saying to me, ‘Oh, Lestat’s so evil.’ And I remember thinking, ‘Jesus, are these people looking at the same character that I’m looking at?’ […] He really does love Louis.

Tom Cruise (Tom Cruise: Anatomy of an Actor, pg. 68)


playing around with watercolour brushes anyway i love tom cruise’s lestat

@moral-cipher replied to your photoset “I was tagged for VC fandom selfies (thanks @xlilvamp and…”

im probably going nuts from doing finals for too long lmao, but you look weirdly like a female tom cruise to me in that second picture??? it’s probably the expression. these are all so cute tho!! i love 4 and 5.

Thank u! so that is the highest compliment for me, you wouldn’t think I’d (a *chick*) WANT to look like him (a *dude*), but I doooo… at least 80′s-90′s Tom…

^The artist who drew that had to have airbrushed out some under-eye wrinkles bc they OCCUR…. I even get fake Ray-Ban style shades to match ;] I think we tend to be attracted to ppl we see some similarity with ourselves… I know someone who adores Jeremy Renner and I swear she could be related to him… 

Does anyone else out here think they might resemble their faves in some way? I can’t be alone in this…

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You sweet thing, thank u! Since I’m sort of clawing my way back up to the real world from being sick, this was especially good timing ❤


*~5 things that make me happy~*… in no special order…

1. Retail therapy – not necessarily buying anything, sometimes just the hunt is plenty. But of course, if you find that one amazing jacket/dress/top, you gotta buy it, bc when you’re looking for an amazing jacket/dress/top for a specific event, suddenly no one makes good things anymore!!! 

2. 80s and 90s music – mostly the hits, one-hit wonders, and also other songs by artists from that time period that didn’t get as much radio play. I think I love it bc it reminds me of when I was riding the bus to/from school, the idea of being in that liminal space, no seatbelts, dappled sunlight, kids chattering around, the smell of the sunshine cooking the green faux-leather seats, being in transit, clutching a book in my hands, and these songs being so optimistic, even when they were angry (Nine Inch Nails) and/or miserable (Smashing Pumpkins). There was always a sparkle of hope that things could be learned from the darkness. Or maybe that was just my own interpretation. 

Among which: I love Duncan Sheik, apparently? Good writing music. I had a friend who was obsessed with his music in high school and kept looking for secret messages in the first letters of the track names, and kept trying to get me to listen to his non-hit stuff, and I just… I think I was refusing to do it, just to keep the game of it up with her. That push-pull. I have to reach out to her and admit that I might be as big a fan now as she was then! 

3. My oil lamp – I used to buy candles and that gets so expensive and messy, and it’s wasteful, bc I end up unable to burn through all the wax (unless it’s tealights but those burn so fast), and I hate putting so much trash in the landfills. This is much more efficient bc I can have that friendly little flame and the clear kerosene isn’t too expensive. I like the historical feeling of it, and that ppl had to clean the glass just like I’m doing. I like the smell of the kerosene but some ppl don’t like it. 

4. Comfy shoes – I used to have giant pumpkin-shaped slippers and I wore them to their destruction… I wear slippers around the house. I have 3 pairs of slippers now! Not slippers but: my fave black leather boots are comfy, too, and they make me feel like a BAMF. I’ll have to take pics. They fit my calf muscles perfectly, like a hug. Which is special bc my calf muscles are pretty big.

5. Short film viewings/art gallery crawls – I like going to gatherings and meeting new ppl, watch short films, see a bunch of art for a few hours. The variety of it all. I like picking out faves, and meeting the artists and asking them about their process and inspiration. 

^I think this last one also applies to my role in fandom, I really love encouraging fanartists and writers, even in other fandoms. I’m not rich by any means, but I scrape together money for commissions now and then. Fanworks are the lifeblood of a fandom and I like to add my applause to the mix. Sometimes I feel like the one in the audience who starts the applause, and that’s fine, too! 


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“Why do you say such things?”

I think
it’s my favorite scene in the movie, because it’s the one where – when you are
blank of later stories portrayal – you realize that Lestat is not this
one-dimensional villain. This scene is so symptomatic of his attitude:
first he’s all flame and rage, then he casts a bard, and
while fiercely smiling over his “victory”, he already regrets what he just said.
He does have a conscience, whatever kind of nasty or stupid things he can come up with, and he’s genuinely affected and
struggled by what he’s inflicting on his loved ones. He’s without any shadow of a doubt an unbearable brat, but also so much more than that. It’s not that this
dork has no affection for Louis and Claudia – he indubitably does – it’s just
than he doesn’t know how to hold a close/family relationship without being sometimes unfair and/or cruel.

Big shout
out for Kristen Dunst and Tom Cruise here, by the way. They are both amazing.

I always think the look on Lestat’s face here is him realizing is that he genuinely doesn’t have an answer for Claudia’s question. Even he doesn’t know why he acts the way he does. I think he sincerely does want them to be a happy family, and yet he’s continually the one getting in the way of that by treating Louis and Claudia does. Even here, he’s obviously touched and happy at the idea of making peace with Claudia – “We forgive each other, then?” – and yet he instinctively still twists the knife in with what he says to her. He’s making himself miserable almost as much as Louis and Claudia, but he can’t seem to just snap out of it and be a genuinely good father or partner. And deep down, I don’t think he even really understands why he’s doing it.

It’s a question for the audience to think about too, I think – why does he do it? I think when you know his backstory, you have to wonder if on some level he associates love with being hurt, and he’d rather be the one hurting others than getting hurt again. Or maybe he just literally has no idea how to have a healthy relationship or a healthy family, since the family he grew up with was horribly abusive and he hasn’t really had any positive relationships since then. (His mother and Nicki are the two possible exceptions to that, but they both came with some serious complications and ultimately dysfunction.) None of this excuses the way he acts in any way, of course – it just is interesting to think about how he became the way he is.

My sister loves Lestat and won’t quit talking about him (which isn’t a bad thing, I’m never quiet when it comes to Dean Winchester) and I’m considering reading The Vampire Chronicles. (She’s finished the series.) Is there anything I should know going into the series? Thank you! ;)

I don’t watch Supernatural so I can’t really compare Dean and Lestat, but from the gifs I’ve seen, they both have a kind of flippant and bubbly nature, and they both have a lot of bravado to shield their vulnerability. So you might like Lestat for being like Dean, and if so, I would suggest you start with the Vampire Lestat rather than Interview.


VC is basically id fic, it could even be considered porn. To my mind, VC is a more elevated version of the bodice-ripper trashy romance novels that you see at supermarkets, with some substantive stuff mixed in. Anne Rice writes the books she wants to read. It’s the AR lollercoaster.

Fanlore has a quote about Id Fic that I think applies to VC, too:

The idea is that Id Fic panders to the Id, or that part of us that likes things that aren’t always moral or ‘correct’ and bypasses a lot of our moral constraints and strictures. So they might just have like a lot of rape in them, or non-con, or ‘dub-con where the character eventually enjoys it.’ They might have things that we *know* are wrong in real life, but really dig in fiction: like captive/captor, or magical healing cock, or really dangerous powerplay, whump that is just extreme, or even just really unsafe kinks (like no signs of safewording ever). Id Fics used to be considered a ‘guilty’ pleasure, but there’s been a lot of work to reclaim them…. The Id is the Loki of our minds, and nothing’s gonna change that. *g* And indulging it in fantasy and fiction is both normal, healthy, and fun. 🙂

^So that would be what I’d want ppl to know going into the series, that if that bothers you, then you might not like it.


As Tom Cruise put it so eloquently, “The movie is not for everyone.” No value judgement there; the movie and the books are just not everyone’s cup of tea, which is totes fine.  

OMG! I just found behind the scenes footage of Interview with the Vampire. It shows mostly Tom Cruise, a little bit of Anne Rice and a little bit of Brad Pitt. The video was uploaded by WalrusRider and the video is called Tom Cruise – “Interview With a Vampire” On Set Footage. Not sure if you’ve seen it already but if you haven’t check it out.



It’s so fun to see at least this shot from the other side of the door, lol…


I’ll transcribe it somewhat for y’all:

The narrator is all about the *~secrecy~* like of course Tom Cruise wanted to keep the secrecy of his costumes and makeup and whatever, so as not to spoil the surprise! We have closed sets all the time these days and back then. I don’t think that was just Tom, I think everyone involved in making the movie wanted that secrecy.

  • The narrator pronounces his name the way AR prefers, not the way it’s pronounced in the movie
  • Claudia at 0:15!
  • Makeup touch up!

^X Bruh. 

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