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Some patrons requested a ballet!AU and a nutcracker!AU around Christmas and so this happened~

Will is a bad tempered and antisocial but extremely talented up and coming dancer who is cast as the Rat King in a high-end short run of the Nutcracker; Hannibal is a well established and skilled dancer who agrees to take the role of Nutcracker Prince for charity despite having little respect for and interest in the production… until he sees Will dance, of course~

I don’t know anything about ballet and I had to look at lots of specific reference to draw this and it’s still not accurate lol, forgive me~~

@colourful-jack​ submitted:

Regarding the Nicki audio, it’s originally from an interview given to a french channel by ballet dancer Jonathan Klein, who took part in a french talent show competition around 2012. You can find the video the audio was taken from here: https://you

AND HERE’S THE VIDEO merci @colourful-jack!

^While this guy does not look like my headcanon Nicolas de Lenfent, he DOES have a lovely voice, he can play Nicki in the VC animated series *u* 


Wow you have certainly been digging deep, that was from 2014!


[Anon is referring to this post here if u want to hear Nicolas’ voice]

[And it was paired with an image that appears to be of model Tomek Szczukiecki][so maybe it’s him?]

Sorry to tell ya that I DON’T KNOW WHO THE AUDIO IS FROM ;A; AND THE ORIGINAL POST DIDN’T TAG HIM, EITHER. @devilsviolinist was the original poster and I’m not sure if that mun is active… try asking them and report back if you find out.

Paging @takemetocoffin-or-losemeforever! Halp. This is in French and you are my go-to Frenchie Fry!

EDIT: It’s 

Jonathan Klein! [X]


A perfect ringtone for annoying text messages.

Here it is.

#useful #shut up louis
#its exra funny bc really Louis hardly gets to have an opinion #those few times when he does #lestat doesnt care for your bullshit    #BASICALLY #poor louis  #in truth he could be devastatingly mean to
lestat #but he withholds it bc he
knows lestat cant actually take it 

How on earth do you pronounce Louis’ last name? I have never really knew how to pronounce it. To be honest his last name is a mouthful.



♛“Pssssst: that’s not the only thing about him that’s a mouthful.” 


Alright *shoves Lestat aside* to answer your question: How to pronounce Louis de Pointe du Lac: you’re lucky I took French in high school which has been EVER so useful to me in my adult life. NOT.

  • Louis: “Loo-wee”, with less emphasis on the “wee” part.
  • de: “dih,” means “from” in French.
  • Pointe: “Pwan” with almost no emphasis on the “n,” means  “tip.”
  • du: “due,” means “of.”
  • Lac: “Lack,” means, “lake.”

BRING IT ALL TOGETHER! Emphasis on Pointe and Lac bc of reasons.

“Loo-wee dih Pwan due

Lack,” “Louis from the tip of the lake.”

This has been your French lesson.

With the blessing of i-want-my-ivtv (praise be to you Uncle Lestan!) and one
shoulder left (sword-mishandling during a blessing happens a lot more than you
can imagine)
, here’s a
little tutorial on how to pronounce Louis’ name.

Warning: strong French accent incoming.

IT GOT BETTER. your French accent is impeccable. PARFAIT JUSTE PARFAIT. am I gonna need to coerce you into pronouncing more stuff properly in French hmmmmm?… also you pronounced Lestat the way I prefer, too, none of this weird Germanic “Les-DOT” crap Mater tries to get us to do.

“Whatever happened to Lestat I do not know. I go on, night after night. I feed on those who cross my path.”

– Louis de Pointe du Lac (x)

Translation: Lestat, get well soon and come find me, bitch. You would be so impressed, I kill people now.


Tom Cruise re: Lestat, 4

“People don’t… do things to be evil, they don’t, y’know, they, they do things because they think they’re right, and uh, they think what they’re doing is right and it just so happens that it can be evil to others. So, it was really important to understand that, and have… understand Lestat’s loneliness and, uh, y’know, because he really does love Louis, he really does love Claudia, and he does feel that what he’s giving them is this wonderful gift! Of eternal life! And to join him in what he perceives to be the greatest adventure… ever!

Tom Cruise re: Lestat, 3:

“I… I… always thought it’d be wonderful to have… y’know, to show Lestat’s sense of humor because he is such a bright character, I mean, you live that long, you’ve read every book, y’know, you can play any instrument you wish to play!”

Tom Cruise re: Lestat, 2:

“As an actor, it’s very challenging because you have to really root this character in an emotional reality – so that you’re not caught playing ’attitudes,’ y’know – that it’s… that it’s real and that it comes from real emotion and a strong foundation of who this guy is.