Michael Gavin’s review makes me hesitant to read the new book. I kind of want to, but I’m so afraid I’ll hate it.

I always advise people to read the books before they judge them, but as I pointed out in that post w/ Michael Gavin’s review, some people do judge before they read. Gavin read it, and that was his opinion. I shared that link and excerpt bc a friend had shared it w/ me, and also, many of the other reviews I’ve seen so far are recaps which may contain spoilers. 

BTW, I’ll be making a masterpost of PLROA recaps, please send me an ask/message me if you did/are doing recaps!


[X Louis has an easy checklist for a good evening.]

This is just a fandom blog, and yes, I do share criticism of the books on here. Criticism =/= censorship. I’m sorry that one bad review could prevent you from reading a book. There are other VC blogs (#VC fandom hunters) that you can reach out to, maybe they’ll respond differently.

The thing is, yes, you actually might hate it! BUT, there may be one line in it that you love, and that will have made the book worth reading. 

It’s just a book though. It’s not the end of the world.