Omg I probably will come out as crazy, but ever since Thor movie came out I had this head-canon of Tom Hiddlestone as Louis (I know “too British not enough French”) but now with that post of Chris as Lestat I just…oh god I need a minute…

You’re not crazy, he was kind of a Louis/Nicki hybrid in Only Lovers Left Alive (which you should see if you haven’t!)


Hiddleston is so fun, too, he could actually be a pretty great Lestat. He would be a gorgeous whimsical asshole ❤

Have this. Fanart by reapersun and derlaine.


You’re not the only one who’s mentioned Hiddleston in VC casting discussion, and the British thing is not a dealbreaker. He’s an actor! Look at Stephen Rea’s performance as Santiago. Stephen Rea is NOT a 19th century Parisienne, and he did a FABULOUS job of becoming exactly that 😉

I’m scared everyone seems to hate the book. Also they say that it’s like a bunch of fanfics put together like whaaaaat? (Also OMG Armand x Louis 💗? Don’t make start Anne, just don’t)

I haven’t had much chance to read it myself, but from what I’ve heard/read, YES. It’s a Frankenstein-monster-esque collection of the worst fanfic ideas you can imagine. It seems like some of the ideas are direct responses to questions AR has gotten over the years, like (NOT the questions of i-want-my-iwtv​):

  • Why don’t the vampire dicks work?
  • Why can’t they have babies? Twilight vampires can.
  • Why don’t they ever get married?
  • Tell me more about Benji and Sybelle they are so adorable! 
  • What about SCIENCE? What would it be like to get vampire samples in a lab and analyze them?
  • Did Akasha have any kids while she was human?
  • Can someone else be Queen of the Damned? Maharet and Mekare are LAME. 

Armand x Louis… well… Armand will always have a thing for Louis, bc well, who doesn’t? The way Armand is now… not sure what Louis sees in him, but perhaps I’ll find out as I read the heartbreaking work of staggering genius that is PL

This book gives me life but at the same time I feel so done with everything…..

So I haven’t had much chance to read it yet but from what little I have read… there are little glimmers of the Lestat we all know and love, lines here and there that are in character! So that helps. There may be a few good quotes we can extract from this mess!

Overall, from the spoilers I’ve heard/read, the general feeling I’m getting is that this book is FAR worse than anything I/we could have predicted in terms of being a true Vampire Crackicle.