Hi! May I ask your opinion on something? If the tower on top of which Armand lived in and that he and Louis climbed in IwtV was Magnus’ tower that Lestat gave to Armand, how come there were people living in it? Was the change of ownership not official and at some point the apparently empty estate went to the state (does that even happen? I have no idea)? Did Armand rent it to people or something? This has been bothering me years


[^Armand nudging Louis into climbing a tower which is not at all some kind of phallic symbolism EMBRACE IT! by @garama]

I have these kinds of questions, too, things that have bothered me for years, I know that feel. 

TL;DR: I don’t think the tower that Armand nudges Louis to climb is the same tower as Magnus’ tower. I think Armand has made himself several lairs, maybe bc of his later canon experience that having one lair isn’t all that safe. I don’t think Louis got to visit Magnus’ tower in IWTV.

One reason I think this is that when they get up to the window to let themselves in, it’s a window w/ a sill; Magnus’ tower had barred windows. It’s possible Armand had them changed, but why remove defenses on a such a secure fortress?

“Higher and higher we climbed, until we
had reached the window of the tower itself, which Armand quickly
wrenched open, his long legs disappearing over the sill; and I rose up
after him, feeling his arm out around my shoulders.”

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I don’t think Louis got to visit Magnus’ tower in IWTV.

Why? BC that scene begins w/ Louis and Claudia going w/ Madeleine to burn down her doll shop. After she’s done, M and C run off to celebrate w/ a manicure (or smtg girly? IDK but Louis does not seem to be invited) and Louis goes off w/ Armand. They take off powerwalking towards the Seine:

“We were walking together now, fast, nearing the Seine,”

They come to some kind of older part of town that Louis doesn’t recognize, maybe they’re on the outskirts of the city, but they powerwalked there, didn’t take a carriage:

“I didn’t knew where we were now, only that in my wanderings I’d
passed here before: a street of ancient mansions, of garden walls and
carriage doors and towers overhead and windows of leaded glass
beneath stone arches. Houses of other centuries, gnarled trees, that
sudden thick and silent tranquility which means that the masses are
shut out; a handful of mortals inhabit this vast region of highceilinged
rooms; stone absorbs the sound of breathing, the space of whole lives.”

Here’s the tower:


Above, I could see story
after story rising to a lone tower that barely emerged from the dark,

teeming rain. ‘Listen to me; we are going to climb to the tower,’ Armand was saying.”

Armand says, Don’t acknowledge it if the ppl see you or you’ll fuck this up for me, n00b:

‘But note
this. The inhabitants of this house have known me far a hundred years
and think me a spirit; so if by chance they see you, or you see them
through those windows, remember what they believe you to be and
show no consciousness of them lest you disappoint them or confuse
them. Do you hear? You are perfectly safe.’ ”

So I don’t think it’s that far outside the city.

Whereas, in the Vampire Lestat, when Lestat’s looking out the window of the cell in Magnus’ tower:

“It was evening. And through a wide, heavily barred stone
window I saw hills and woods, blanketed with snow, and the vast tiny
collection of rooftops and towers that made up the city far away. I
hadn’t seen it like this since the day I came in the post carriage…

Battlements. I opened my eyes again. And I knew I was lying
in a high tower room several miles from Paris.”

Lestat doesn’t mention that there’s anything around that tower except a little village he explores some distance away, when he’s an orphan wandering around alone.

The one issue w/ my theory that it’s not Magnus’ tower is that Lestat also says there are no higher towers.

Louis, IWTV: “… Above, I could see story after story rising to a lone tower that barely emerged from the dark,”

Lestat, TVL: 
“I ran to the edge of the roof and
looked down. Nothing but a sheer drop of hundreds of feet, and then
to another edge and it was exactly the same. I almost fell! I turned
desperate, panting. We were on the top of some square tower, no
more than fifty feet across! And I could see nothing higher in any

^But I don’t think Lestat’s on Magnus’ tower yet, bc that’s the night he’s kidnapped, and maybe Magnus made a stopover for a quick bite first. So I’m sticking with my theory that Louis didn’t visit Magnus’ tower in IWTV w/ Armand.

Hi! Love your blog more than ever! What are your thoughts on Armand/Louis? Or specifically Louis’ feelings for Armand? Louis always seems to gravitate towards A whenever he is at loose ends with Lestat. If I am doing the math correctly, they have spent more time as companions than L/L. For some reason, though I love L/L, I am fascinated by A/L. Thanks again for your awesomeness in the VC fandom. <3

Thanks, dearie! What do you love about it specifically, hmmm? Simply my awesomeness in the VC fandom? You don’t need to answer that, my awesome is unquestionable hehehe…

Armand/Louis: To ship or not to ship?


[by garama bc apparently I’m having a GARAMA APPRECIATION DAY]

I have alot of Armand/Louis feels. The way they view each other seems built on their first impressions of eachother:

  • Louis saw Armand as the teacher/mentor (and lover??) Lestat could not have been. Armand definitely used some mental persuasion to draw Louis closer, but it seems the attraction was mutual, mostly natural chemistry.
  • Armand saw Louis as someone who could help him see the world anew, through younger eyes, and someone who was very much in tune with their emotions. Armand had closed off alot of those feelings, and was not very connected to any of the vampires in the Theatre des Vampires. Also he wanted Louis as a lover, but don’t we all? Also, Armand had advised Lestat in TVL that your fledglings will never make perfect companions, what you need is someone else’s fledgling. AND, it’s possible that Armand was even more attracted to Louis after reading his mind and knowing he was Lestat’s, whom Armand had a major unrequited crush on.

So they both sort of filled a void for the other, but couldn’t be together initially, as Louis was devoted to Claudia. Armand’s responsibility for her removal is subject to interpretation, whether it was his order or not, and other things that happened to her, but it seems to me that Armand had intended for Claudia to leave with Madeleine. He admitted to forcing Louis to make Madeleine for this purpose.

After all that, you would think Louis would want nothing to do with Armand, but he chose to spend some 100 yrs with Armand before passive-aggressively ignoring him until he left Louis, disgusted and on the verge of suicide, Louis not being a good boyfriend. (vampiredevelopment!)

Your math sounds about right, but a relationship’s quality is not based on the amount of time it lasts. Louis was probably much happier when he was with Lestat and Claudia for some 65 years. Of the 100 yrs he spent with Armand, much of it seems like Louis was going through the motions, letting Armand have him as a companion in various ways, but not really engaged fully in the relationship.

Lestat does often have to go off on his own adventures and leave Louis alone. There’s a kind of mutual respect between Lestat, Armand, and Louis now, it seems all of their past transgressions to each other are mostly water under the bridge. 

TL;DR: Louis does still gravitate to Armand, maybe not as the mentor/teacher he saw him as before, but more as an ex-boyfriend that he is on good terms with, someone he cares about, and who cares about him. Extended family.