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I think that was when she was still promoing wolves of midwinter and since the fandom of Teen Wolf was there for their panels i could easily see her being like “check out my werewolf novels” plus those shows there might have had contact w/ uni versal

Ah, ok. I can still dream about graphic novels tho. Siiiigh. Just look at this it’s begging to be a full graphic novel ;A;


[full size here ❤]

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

*~ Open call to all fandoms ~*

Draw my your favorite characters doing the Ice bucket challenge!! Can be just 1 image, or a comic, or doodles… anything works! Donate to ALS too, if you can.

Show us the ICEBUCKETRY…. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Kicking this off w/ some of my fave fanartists, feel free to add your own:

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if the phantom of the opera has taught me anything it’s that if all else fails you set the place on fire and cry

And if the Vampire Chronicles have taught me anything it’s that if all else fails, you set the place on fire and mope. 

Yeah, pretty much! 

We make fun of Louis for his pyromania so much hell I do it too!, but he was a plantation owner and that means slash & burn may have been part of the regular crop production. Setting fires was a step in standard operating procedure. Wiki says: “The resulting ash fertilizes the soil and the burned field is then planted at the beginning of the next rainy season with crops…”

But then you have this exchange from IWTV:

“ ‘Fire purifies …’ Claudia said. And I said, `No, fire merely destroys…’ ”

So yeah maybe it’s just the pyromania… 

Fanart Raquest

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YES! Someone draw this… unionthesalmon? permanentglitter? Beuller? Would u draw Lestat carting sweet baby Jesus behind him in a Radio Flyer wagon with a little entourage of the cutest orphans… maybe he’s bringing them to Dora the nun…?







Apparently, Universal has acquired the rights to the Vampire Chronicles books, and possible plans include remaking IWTV and QOTD

I think I need a drink…

This is your chance to cast! I don’t know how to feel about this news.

Oh gosh, if only! I’d kill for the chance to do that…

And same here – I have a feeling that this is either going to be really good or absolutely horrible :/

Just have to cross my fingers and hope that they don’t make another Antonio-Banderas-as-Armand kind of mistake again. We deserve so much more.


I still watch IWTV and sit there like O.o every time he appears – I just want to know what possessed them to cast him?? I picture them reading his description in TVL and just going “lololol no fuck that”

But on the other hand, will the new Claudia be as good as Kirsten Dunst’s Claudia, because she was pretty much perfect. That’s going to be a tough act to follow…

I just want an actually slavic redheaded teenager looking boy for Armand for once.
Also for them to not whitewash David pls

Let’s talk about the horrendous casting in QotD before we rip on Banderas!Armand omfg… this fanart by permanentglitter is amusing tho. [higher res]

Ok… I used to be completely on board with the Banderas!Armand haters but I’ve grown pretty nostalgic about that casting, and actually figured out why they did that.

If they had cast a cherubic teenage redhead it might have been confusing to people who hadn’t read the books, and might have taken the sympathy away from Louis (who was supposed to remain the focus, it’s HIS story, after all). That would have been compromised by omg cute little redhead bby we want to snuggles you!

In the interest of that story, and keeping it accessible to an audience who had not read the book(s), Armand was to be the teacher/father figure Louis didn’t get from Lestat. They had to cast someone:

  • who would appear older than Louis
  • who would appear to be a teacher/father figure to Louis
  • who was a bigger star than Brad Pitt (or at least older than BP)
  • and have some European or other ethnicity, because these Parisian vampires were supposed to be darker, scarier, more like Real Vampires of the Old Ways than the softer Americanized Vampires. Their vampire makeup (aside from their TdV costuming) shows them to almost be a different, more vicious species from Louis (who has to still maintain his “most human”-looking vampire status).

So that’s my little defense of Banderas!Antonio. I’ve left the bandwagon of hating on him, he did a magnificent job with Armand, if you think about what I wrote.

… I will admit that the wig was pretty silly, but maybe he was meant to be slightly like those Asian senpais of old, with all that long hair. Maybe it was a nod to Marius, who had long hair bc he wasn’t allowed to cut it for like 7 months before he was turned. Who knows… 

Show Armand some love. Write him a note expressing it, please? I’m begging ya! This whole Fuck/Marry/Kill game is upsetting him bc people keep choosing to kill him! Is Armand really so expendable? To everyone? *cries*


Of the thousands of immortals immolated in the rise of Akasha, Armand was one of the precious few who remained. And why is that do you wonder? There is nothing mysterious to it, in fact it is made quite plain.

As much as we grind on each other, at the very bottom of the bitterness, resentment, and jealousy Armand is a beloved of mine. He is my dark brother whom I have known almost the entirety of my immortality. Life with out him would seem…incomplete.

To answer your question is Armand expendable? Absolutely not.