Holy crap there's 400+ of you??? This still astounds me to see so many Vampire Chronicles fans around that have migrated to Tumblr! And even those who aren't and have given my Armand a follow+ and chance! I love you all. I want to love you like Lestat loves his adoring fans. Perhaps I can't give you an entire island like Armand, but I can treat you well.

And so! In honor of all of you, I have made here a handy dandy

                       !GRAPHIC + PROMOTIONAL GIVEAWAY!

Here are Da Rulez:

  • VC-centric Blogs are welcome
  • RPers from any fandom are too
  • Also OC’s bc u deserve it
  • One reblog per person
  • No really I will Hulk out

There will be 4 winners! Got it memorized? Really??

Why would you even do that?

Winners will receive:

  • 1-2 graphics to promote their blog
  • Promo post written by yours truly (TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT ON IT THO)
  • Adoration and love
  • Followers?????

This ends on 3/23 so you guys best get reblogging


I ❤ this RPer so much!

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