I reached 200 the other day and never posted anything, but I am really thankful for each and every one of you. I think of you all as either an actor/actress or a member of the audience in my little theatre (that Louis fucking burned down, but I guess that’s besides the point). I guess this is a follow forever post? I’m not sure. It’s something, but mostly it’s a thank you. “Logos” of the tumblr users in my follow forever, but in a “font/typeface” that I feel suits them? I don’t know… let’s see how this goes. Honestly, there are so many more people I wanted to do, so if your name isn’t here, just pop me a message and I’ll make one. Totally willing to do one for any one of my followers, because I appreciate each and every one of you. OH! And, if any of you want to know the names of the fonts used, you can ask me about that too, and I will link you to it.  Seriously. 🙂


| anne-christ | asavagegardenindeed | askthebratprince | claudiaindarkness | deadlyxdelights | eternallyfabulousbratlestat | faceofabotticelliangel | gingerhairedimmortal | godoftheage | immortal-gentleman | interviewed-the-vampire | i-want-my-iwtv | kellenmotherfuckingvincent | leprinceinsolent | merciful-death | monsieur-le-rockstar | poitou-corrillaut | primusdux | prince-of-the-brats | thevampirecreole | vampireadam |

***Please note that there are some people missing from this list and I might add them in later maybe. I’m just a lazy fuck.***

Such VC fandom love, much appreciate! Follow all these lovelies.

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