You are a dead ringer for that portrait!!

Thanks! <333 (Re: this post)

I try not to post selfies too often bc it feels like… not really VC y’know? Like it doesn’t count as being on topic enough (it isn’t)(unless I was cosplaying a VC-verse character)(I don’t have the guts/skills for that), but it’s very heartwarming when ppl like you leave me nice messages like this, I do appreciate it ❤


That chibi Lestat is so cute! It’s amazing that you drew him with a mouse, idk how you made it work lol also- I really look forward to seeing what that anon draws/writes for A/L, this fandom needs more vc content. I think they should totally go for it,because it’s not about how well someone makes something, it’s that they made it in the first place. People will be glad that it exists. There’s a post about making content that explains that last bit better, but yeah, I’m rooting for that anon.

To respond to everything in your message in one gif:


THANK U SO MUCH @vampore-who-sleeps!! Idk what other post you mentioned but I think you put it beautifully: 

it’s not about how well someone makes something, it’s that they made it in the first place. People will be glad that it exists.

#All the fanworks! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

chibi Lestat here ;3

The last ask inspired me… have you watched, or do you know anyone who has watched, the Japanese vampire movie “Moon Child”? In a way you could dismiss it as just the product of two rock stars (Gackt and Hyde) indulging themselves wanting to be vampires, but I actually really love how they are (like you answered the other person) people first, vampires second. It’s very interpersonal, very political, one character just happens to be a vampire. Have you got an opinion on it?

I’ve never heard of “Moon Child”

before, so I’ll throw it out to my followers, has anyone seen this? Comment on this post if so. Hey, if I was a rock star, you better believe I would indulge myself in EVERY WAY HUMANLY POSSIBLE and you bet your a$$ that PLAYING A VAMPIRE IN MY OWN DAMNED MOVIE would be BUT ONE OF THE MANY MANY INDULGENCES.

Looks like it’s free on YT:

I skimmed the very lengthy description and hopped around the video. It doesn’t really seem like my kinda thing, tho, sorry :- 

Hopefully in bumping it here I’ve interested ppl to watch it and get into it w/ you!

Update: Good comments on this post so far! Much appreciated, maybe you’ll change my mind about it…

I really want to know your stance on the musical – I personally love the score, but think that the book and production value tore it apart.


^fanart by @garama, who must have seen it live or the video of it, and has drawn fanart based on the musical, so he must have liked it! This is one of my all-time fave fanarts of Nicki/Lestat ❤ i just want to buy a whole graphic novel in this beautiful heartfelt style is that so much to ask *cries*

Some ppl loved Lestat the Musical, and more power to them! I am jealous of them. IDK if you saw the SF version or NYC version, live or video of it, but I saw the NYC version live and I did not like it. I partially blame the NYC producers for that, bc they apparently stripped out alot of the flair and gay stuff, maybe they were afraid it was pushing the envelope too far? But isn’t that what theatre is supposed to do? *sigh*

You can find ppl who enjoyed it, and other stuff about it, in my #Lestat the Musical tag.

Sadly, I mostly feel second-hand embarrassment for Lestat the Musical bc I made the mistake of inviting my cousin to go w/ me. She was not in the fandom, and she was uncomfortable the whole time *facepalm* Idk I thought she’d be into it, but the NYC version we saw was stripped so bare, and there was little to engage with. I can’t even listen to the soundtrack! It just brings me back to how disappointed I was in the bareness of the production, at the whole audience’s lack of enthusiasm… much cry, very sad.

So I have to be cautiously optimistic about the adaptation in the works and hope that they considered Lestat the Musical and can avoid its pitfalls.

Hey, happy birthday! :* :* (I hope I’m not too late)

Merci beaucoup! Never too late for birthday wishes ;D It was 3/16 but the confusion is my own frickin’ fault for letting many lovely messages get buried in my inbox, so I’m the tardy one, replying nearly 4 months late *gasp* *swats self w/ rolled-up magazine*

Also never too late for moar birthday caaaake…

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And wow you are loyal, you’ve been following me since 11/13/14! Thanks for sticking w/ me I bet half my jokes are old to you now OH WELL

hi sweetheart! hey, can you pls make a post with a link of your tags? I can’t find somethings on the blog that previously where there T.T thank you <3 <3

Omg, *facepalm* I knew this would come up at some point…


That is part of my blog layout revisions. There’s gonna be a BEAUTIFUL Navigation/Tags page, categorized by topic, w/ all the most popular tags bc as you may know I tend to add further commentary in the tags that probably wouldn’t be very useful in finding what you’re looking for.

What are you looking for? Then I can try to give you the tag(s) for it! You can also message me privately, if you prefer.

*puts a tiara on your head* Happy Birthdayyy! ^___^ I hope you had a wonderful day celebrating your fabulous existence! 🌟 Stay awesome! ❤

[delayed reply, sorries!]

*accepts tiara* Merci beaucoup! I did indeeeed! ❤


It was a Wednesday so it was necessary to celebrate on BOTH weekends before and after, bc, you know, I can’t possibly go to work and then have enough free time to celebrate my fabulous existence on a WEEK WEAK NIGHT.

And THANK U FOR YOUR LOYALTY you’ve been on board this crazy train since 8/30/15!


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