Looking at this production still, they must have filmed the trial under TdV scene… another cut scene ;A;

From Interview with the Vampire:

“And then I saw Lestat- the blow that was more crippling than any blow. Lestat, standing there in the center of the ballroom, erect, his gray eyes sharp and focused, his mouth lengthening in a cunning smile. Impeccably dressed he was, as always, and as splendid an his rich black cloak and fine linen. But those scars still scored every inch of his white flesh. And how they distorted the taut, handsome face, the fine, hard threads cutting the delicate skin above his lip, the lids of his eyes, the smooth rise of his forehead. And the eyes, they burned with a silent rage that seemed infused with vanity, an awful relentless vanity that said,‘See what I am.’

”’This is the one?’ said Santiago, thrusting me forward.

“But Lestat turned sharply to him and said in a harsh low voice,’I told you I wanted Claudia, the child! She was the one!’ And now I saw his head moving involuntarily with his outburst, and his hand reaching out as if for the arm of a chair only to close as he drew himself up again, eyes to me.

…”’She did it to me, Louis. She did it to me. You didn’t! She has to die’ said Lestat, his voice becoming thin, rasping, as if it were an effort for him to speak.’“

From The Vampire Lestat:

"Get clothing for him,” Armand said. His hand was resting on my shoulder. “He must look presentable, our lost lord,” he told them. “That was always his way.” …

“You will say what I have told you to say.”

It was a mob tribunal of monsters, white-faced demons shouting accusations, Louis pleading desperately, Claudia staring at me mute, and my saying, yes, she was the one who did it, yes, and then cursing Armand as he shoved me back into the shadows, his innocent face radiant as ever.

“But you have done well, Lestat. You have done well.”

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