George, Sr.: They cannot arrest a husband and wife for the same crime.

Michael: Yeah? I don’t think that that’s true, Dad. 

George, Sr.: I’ve got the worst [bleep]ing attorneys!

Pilot – 1×01

Hello, mon cher! It is I, Michaela (lixncourt!) and I was wondering if you knew if there were any specific screenshots of that gorgeous silvery-black robe Stephen wore in the film’s crypt scenes. I’ve been trying to find pictures for fan art purposes, but can’t seem to locate them! (And also, I wish you good health and happiness!)

Bonjour Michaela/@lixncourt~* Wishes received and appreciated, I wish you good health and happiness, too!

What an obscure question! I’m impressed. We see this silvery-black robe for like 20 seconds when he’s confronting Louis’ narration, “How did you wrong him? You said a name…”  

That WAS a gorgeous silvery black robe, indeed. I’m guessing it was crushed velvet, you can see in the production stills below that it’s got “tracks” cut into it, so idk what fabric would do that, but it doesn’t look like a print to me.

@vinceaddams and @sanguinivora are costume ppl, they might know better what this is… I bet there were more scenes with Santiago in that robe, too, the full “trial” for Louis and Claudia under the theatre! but they were probably cut for time.


I also took a screenshot for you, and even though I tried to brighten it up, as it was a pretty dark scene, I don’t have the BluRay, it’s not the best quality 😛 Maybe someone has a better screencap.


Wait, I’m confused. What’s going on with Tumblr and Yahoo?


Basically, Yahoo is losing money with tumblr and given its history with fandom based sites, there is a good chance tumblr might close soon. It doesn’t look like Yahoo have given warning for this kind of thing in the past, so to be safe I would prepare for closure (saving posts, making sure you will still be able to reach people you talk to etc outwith the site). I am just sad because this is a community and the thought of losing you all, of losing it, kills me.

People Off the Page: I’m not sure if this is true, and I don’t mean to scare anyone, but… it’s always a good idea to back up and download your fave posts on a regular basis says the lady with 8k+ posts and I NEED ALL OF THEM 😛

And reach out to your friends and give them alternate contact info just in case! I have the following twitter accounts, if everything turns to crap, I’ll leave messages there. The fandom won’t be deterred by a change of venue! 



2016 continues to be *~spectacular~*

Bon anniversaire!! I’ve followed you for years, just on various blogs (this one is fairly new) and it has never stopped being fantastic. Have a beautiful day! :)

OMG you’ve been following me for Y E A R S ?! That is a seriously high compliment, sounds like you’re hopelessly stuck w/ me and I should pity your soul.


Thank you for confessing this to me, hopefully I will continue to deliver the quality VC drugs you’ve come to expect AND MOAR *,….,*

518. Brad Pitt “Louis” hero Scythe from Interview
with the Vampire.
(Geffen Pictures, 1994) 


[^X] From a Profiles in History auction that was held in Calabasas, CA 12/21/2013:

“…This scythe was used
by Louis to slay “Armand’s” (Antonio Banderas) evil group
of vampires after they kill his beloved “Claudia” (Kirsten
Dunst).  Louis can be seen swinging this blade at enemy
vampires after they awaken in a fire he’s set in their crypt. He
uses the scythe to cleave “Santiago” (Stephen Rea) in two. There were
two versions of this scythe made for use in the film and can clearly
be distinguished on screen, one with a smooth blade, and this version,
which has a ridge at the top of the blade. The ridge is clearly visible in
shots of Pitt holding the prop.
Featuring a long, angular wooden staff
with various marks and dents from production use. At the lower part
of the staff there is a small metal handle that is attached by a round
metal ring. At the top, a large curved, black metal blade is attached by
a small metal bracket that allows the blade to swing open and closed.
The blade was dulled for safety on set. A handle on the bottom of the
piece is no longer present. This scythe measures 60 in. and the sinister
blade, 22 in. long.
In production-used good condition. Special shipping
arrangements will apply. $6,000 – $8,000″ 

I don’t know how much it sold for but that was a real scythe!