So recently I have reached just slightly over 150 followers and I know that may not seem like a huge amount to some people but I was very happy to see that happen and to see that so many people have taken an interest in Sven! I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know some of you on more personal levels and I’m very happy I have because a lot of you are amazing!  So thank you all for sticking around whatever this mess is!


I’m not gonna list all of your blogs because you have a lot xD but you’re one of my best amigos. You’re pretty much my American twin so that’s rad as fuck. You’re really talented at writing and all that jazz. If anyone reads this post, they should follow you because you’re really amazing and you do really good with Gerard but with all your other characters as well!

Oh Rincey, you are a gem. I’m very happy that I’ve got to know you because you’re a pretty cool person and a fuckin’ amazing writer (your portrayal of Nicolas is perfection) and I wish I could amount up to your awesomeness. Please stay forever awesome, okay? I look forward to adventures in the future.

Hi Kansasasss. You’re super awesome and cool to talk to! I swear you literally are Louis xD I enjoy writing with you, you are a very gifted writer and you never fail to make me laugh! Please stay cool. xD

Yo so I’m really glad that we started talking a bit more! Kellen is a super awesome character, good job at birthing him xD You’re a very kind person and I appreciate you being around!

MONIQUE MY LOVE ❤ You are amazing and I love talking to you, so very happy that I met you and that you put up with me all of the time. Also shout out to how much I adore your Lestat – and how much Sven loves your Lestat. You are a lovely writer and an even lovelier friend!

-clearly I am bad at expressing appreciation for people-


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