"The only question is, do you trust me?"

✘ Indie muse for Vampire Chronicles, though dabbles in several other fandoms

✘ Articulate, crisp descriptions within any and all threads; I will only para, mostly

✘ Seven years writing experience, four of which are professional – three on here

✘ Open for all kinds of plots and au’s, though willing to jump straight into threads

✘ Multiverse and multiship is acceptable as part of this roleplay; no qualms here

✘ Mun and muse are both above the age of 21; for future reference when plotting

✘ All posts and reblogs are tagged appropriately, but if I miss anything, fill me in

✘ There must be sizzling chemistry between two muses for acceptable shipping

✘ Last but not least — I don’t bite, nor does Helene, so drop in for a chat anytime

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