VCTV series pilot episode cover page, May 2, 2018 [X]

“Very few beings really seek knowledge in this world. Mortal or immortal, few really ask. On the contrary, they try to wring from the unknown the answers they have already shaped in their own minds – justifications, confirmations, forms of consolation without which they can’t go on. To really ask is to open the door to the whirlwind. The answer may annihilate the question and the questioner.”
― Anne Rice, The Vampire Lestat

Why include that quote? It may be setting the tone of philosophical hunger in the series generally. That quote probably wouldn’t be in the pilot episode, since Lestat won’t meet Marius until a lot of other stuff has happened first. That quote was very ahead of its time, and yet, even before social media, ppl have sought info that fed their confirmation bias.

Marius is right tho, to truly ask questions and be open to hearing answers one might not like, can be damaging to the asker, but it can also lead to enlightenment.

I think she’s (or whoever decided to include it now) choosing this quote to remind ppl that the TV series is not going to please everyone, that we all ought to keep an open mind about it, and to trust in the ppl creating it that they are trying for the best adaptation for their own headcanon. Does that make sense? Maybe that’s my own confirmation bias, that I would want them to be trying to manage expectations of it, but that they have to move forward and continue with their own vision, or it won’t get done at all. Then NO ONE gets even a little bit of what they want.

At this point I just want to see this thing begin during AR’s lifetime!

I will continue to fantasize about them hiring a Lestat who can sing and act, and sending him on a world tour with real concerts as part of the promotion for the series, and having a seasoned rock star (Sting? Bon Jovi?) write the music and coach the Lestat on stage presence and all that.



inspired by Thomas Wilkinson Fullerton

Ok so I admit that I nudged @teambratprince into sharing this fanart directly with Thomas himself, and I am SO.GLAD.THEY.DID.BC.LOOK.AT.THIS:




I love these kind of interactions, and this could be fandom history if he ends up being our Lestat, which is a real possibility!

I really want Timothée Chalamet to play Armand


He’s that tall? He seemed so tiny in CMBYN (at 22, he more than passed for 17, he seems like one of those actors that will always look boyish). I guess it’s just the other actors there were taller (Armie Hammer is 6 ft 5, and an older looking 31 year old playing a 24 year old, so maybe that helped Tim look like a small teen in comparison – though I do think they should have cast younger for Oliver).

I suppose that means whether he fits as Armand is how tall he looks in comparison to the rest of the cast. If the actor playing a 6 ft tall character is taller by a 5 inches then Armand can be taller. There seems to be a lot of very tall actors.

I guess we will have to see.

Yep, according to IMDB he’s that tall! But you bring up another point about him that I like, which is that he is 22 and looks so boyish. I would LOVE for them to cast someone, like him, who is 18+ and looks younger, so that it can be close to canon-compliance without the underage/adult ship issues.

They aged Claudia up for movie!IWTV and I think that was a change for the better. I hope that they do that again if Claudia appears in any future adaptation.


I have been seeing that around a lot lately! I had a post about him re: casting about 3 weeks ago, so check that out for more thoughts on that.

I wonder if he’s read VC or would have interest in being involved with it? I feel like he would!

Not to burst your bubble too hard, and I am sorry to do so at all, but it feels like a good time to mention that some fans have commented that he’s too tall, apparently! He’s 6 feet tall. In

TVA Armand says: “I was perhaps seventeen years old when Marius made me into a vampire. I had stopped growing by that time. For a year, I’d been five feet six inches.Maybe they could do some camera tricks to make him look shorter, but idk, might be easier to just cast someone shorter 😛 It sucks for height to be a dealbreaker, but I respect the fact that some fans really want a canon-compliant Armand in this adaptation.

Also, if Timothee wins an Oscar for CMBYN, he’s going to be extremely expensive ;A; He’s probably already in enormous demand just for the nomination. So he’d have to WANT to be part of this, probably.

Apparently he’s in pre-production on a new film, and VC casting is a year off, but maybe he’ll be available by then?

I suppose that means whether he fits as Armand is how tall he looks in comparison to the rest of the cast. If the actor playing a 6 ft tall character is taller by a 5 inches then Armand can be taller. There seems to be a lot of very tall actors.

I would be fine with them casting other actors all taller than him to make it work! But in scenes with him in crowds and in wide shots

where you might not have enough 6′5′’+ tall people, some special effects would be fine, IMO, if they want to invest the time/effort/money. I think it’s partly in the styling, too. Clothes, makeup, lighting, etc. can make a person look bigger/smaller/older/younger/etc.

hey I don’t know how to break this to you or anne rice but Lestat -I came out of a hole in the ground after hundreds of years of sleeping just to live a Rockstar aesthetic- de Lioncourt absolutely would have an instagram and I don’t know why we’re not talking about that

Oh he totally would! He’d be posting constantly, you know how big of an attention whore he is.


I’m highkey hoping that the VC TV series somehow works in the social media, creating a FB, Twitter, IG, etc. for the character(s!) and teasing us leading up to the premiere and then have this stuff keep going through the production, have Lestat commenting on the episodes as they come out even ;D

Side note: I also want them to cast a Lestat who can sing and send him on an actual tour before the series starts so we can have actual Lestat concerts and get actual Lestat concert merch PLEASE!!!!

I’ve seen a few fan-made instas for him and a few of the other characters on here… @teambratprince did one, I’ll reblog it momentarily. I can’t remember where I saw the others.


Do you realize…

That, right now, Bryan Fuller is the only man on earth that has the blessing from the Vampire Queen herself to write his own Vampire Chronicles fanfic?

Anne @ Bryan:

The fandom @ Anne, Bryan + Chris:

I’m up for Daniel being Black in the adaptation. His race isn’t mentioned specifically in the books, and we need diversity in an ocean of white Eurotrash fops! I don’t see any reason why not and Bryan cast the lead in American Gods as black so I’m hopeful to see some good changes in Anne’s work. What do you think?

I have to say I’ve never gotten a race casting suggestion quite like this before! So this is a first ^_________^ It’s especially appropriate to answer it on MLK Jr. day here in the U.S., when we reflect on the progress we’ve made and how far we still need to go in pursuit of an equal society for all. 

EDIT: @firelight-fading had given us The Vampire Chronicles Facebook Interview **Recap**(5/4/17) in which we got this info:

  • Some characters may change where “ethnicity is flexible” 
  • Anne and Chris agree that POC being casted are important and will be considered in casting. The Millennial vamps (older gang) will most likely be largely POC.
  • Marius was played by a black man in the musical and Anne thought he did a great job. Marius can be any ethnicity so long as he’s half Roman. She’d prefer to have Marius as blue eyes and blonde haired like Lestat but it’s “not imperative for him”.

  • Anne and Chris to be inclusive, but will always focus more on how fine the actor is. Talent is needed to get the role, not just looks.

TL;DR #1:

You might be right about Daniel’s race not being explicitly stated in canon, and if it were up to me, I would be open to considering a POC to be cast as Daniel, or other characters. Any adaptation provides a chance to improve on canon the way fanfic/fanart do 😉

TL;DR #2:

However, casting Daniel as a POC may introduce racial considerations that AR & Co. are not capable of addressing well, especially during the mortal!Daniel/Armand time period (1975-85), a decade in the U.S. when interracial relationships were still somewhat taboo. Since we have our fair share of racial issues now, too, whether

AR & Co.

shift the Modern Era to now, or leave it 1975-85, racial issues would still need to be addressed.


[^Everyone loves John Boyega and he would cost a bazillion dollars to cast in anything now, but I saw him in the movie “Attack the Block” years ago in which he’s more like Daniel to me, and I think he was great in that, dealing with packs of


roving aliens, and I think he’d do well with

weird roving

vampires! So yes, as a casting suggestion, Boyega would be my first POC choice for Daniel.]

BTW @shomacsalami had posted a suggestion for an R&B musical of Vampire Chronicles you might be interested in:

  • Usher as Lestat
  • Drake as Louis
  • Willow Smith as Claudia
  • Elle Varner as Armand  
  • Trey Songz as Marius
  • The Weeknd as Nicolas de Lenfent
  • Kelly Rowland as Bianca Solderini
  • Miguel as Daniel Molloy
  • Nicki Minaj as Akasha
  • Ciara as Pandora
  • Janelle Monae as Maharet
  • Rihanna as Madeleine (my addition ^u^)

An adaptation is a director/showrunner’s vision for the canon material. It’s like an official fanwork. Some changes to canon in an adaptation are for the better, but “better” is subjective, of course. We tend to consider the opinion as objective when the majority agrees on the change being “better.”

  • Claudia was aged up by about 6 years for movie!IWTV, bc they couldn’t find a child close to the canon age who could act better than Kirsten. For that role, I think the performance was more important than the canon-compliance, and her being closer to achieving physical maturity made her more tragic ;A;
  • Armand was aged up and physically very different, the director may have wanted him to be more convincing as Armand-the-oldest-living-vampire-in-the-world to audiences who had not read the books. Many fans of the books STILL DO NOT LIKE this change.
  • Claudia’s Story was an official VC graphic novel, since by nature it was from Claudia’s POV, some of the narrative from IWTV was altered or removed entirely. Was it for the better? I felt like we got a better understanding of Claudia’s character, so maybe it was, but for me, it relies on and coexists with IWTV, it’s a slightly different story.
  • Movie!QOTD changed many things from canon, including making Akasha visibly a POC, even though she is described in canon as being white from age and *handwaves* AR’s vampire physiological reasons. I think many ppl would agree with me that that change was definitely for the better, but many of the other changes in that movie? Not as good, but some ppl love that movie and/or consider it nostalgic. 

So could a POC Daniel be good for the adaptation? I can’t pick a side so I’ll say: Possibly!

Hit the jump for more, cut for length.

1) You’re right that we don’t have much diversity in canon 😛 This casting could add a new dimension to the Armand/Daniel ship that wasn’t there before. According to Wiki:

Interracial marriage in the United States has been fully legal in all U.S. states since the 1967 Supreme Court decision that deemed anti-miscegenation laws unconstitutional, with many states choosing to legalize interracial marriage at much earlier dates.

Daniel meeting Armand in 1975 would mean that interracial marriage had been fully legal for less than a decade. From 1975-85, their “courtship,” I think it was a time when interracial relationships were still somewhat taboo in society, at least in the U.S., and it still is taboo in some places in the U.S. and around the world. So that would need to be carefully addressed. Or they could change the time period to be more current, but I would say that we have different race issues now that would need to be addressed, no less pressing than in 1985. 

2) Anne, Bryan*, Chris**, & Co. may not be equipped to handle racial issues very well. Anne has gotten criticism from fans, at least from what I’ve seen here on tumblr, that when she writes POC she “fetishizes” them. I haven’t fully accepted that term itself, but I can agree that AR often writes POC in a way that treats their superficial qualities as being overly sexy and appealing. I think she tries to address – but may not quite grasp – the deeper racial issues that could be addressed, but writing about POC issues is also something I am not well-educated about, so I wouldn’t know how to improve her writing of this subject matter.

Here’s an example of how she describes her POC characters, this is Davis, a black vampire in QOTD:

Davis was a black Dead guy and one damned good-looking black Dead guy, as Baby Jenks saw it. His skin had a gold glow to it, the Dead glow which in the case of white Dead guys made them look like they were standing in a fluorescent light all the time. Davis had beautiful eyelashes too, just damn near unbelievably long and thick, and he decked himself out in all the gold he could find. He stole the gold rings and watches and chains and things off the victims.

Choosing a race for a character whose race might appear open-ended in canon to make them Good Representation, could pose the risk of Bad Representation.

*I don’t know the American Gods series and I haven’t watched the adaptation, or heard reviews about the casting of a POC person specifically, so I don’t know if that’s a sign that it was a widely-agreed upon successful change to the canon material.

**Similarly, I haven’t read any of Chris’s books so idk if he even has POC in them.