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Aw thank u Rammy! ♥♥♥ 

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I just feel like you’d love knowing this but my best purchase ever has been my dvd copy of IWTV

Awww, that’s correct, I do love knowing this! Your bio says you’re a Criminology major, that’s so cool! Now I know who to go to for planning the perfect crime(s).

You didn’t ask for this but here it goes: I was under 17 when movie!IWTV first came out on VHS

(yes I’m that old), I was around 11. I’d read several of the first books, and I wanted that movie BADLY. I coordinated a school friend to get it for me, like contraband, I had to sneak that VHS tape into my house, immediately stripped it of its labels, saved them with my little binder of articles I collected at the time about the movie, and relabeled the tape “Forrest Gump” so that my parents wouldn’t know I had it. Thankfully they never asked to borrow my copy of that movie! That was probably what I considered my best purchase ever, at the time. I watched it when I was home alone now and then, and I’d bring it over to a few friends’ houses, where we’d try to say the lines along with the movie, so that battered old tape really meant a lot to me. It’s where my nostalgia for the movie was born, so as problematic as it is, I have so much affection for it.

Obviously, there was a Forbidden Fruit quality to that, hiding it like I did, and the fact that I wasn’t allowed to watch it, made me want it that much more!

Lestat probably doesn’t like that movie!IWTV is so popular, he’d rather ppl moved on to his book… [digging up an oldie from the archive for ya:]


To hopefully brighten your day a little, I work in a bookstore and was delighted to hear two young twenty-somethings dressed in elegant business casual try to figure out who wrote the “vampire thing with Tom Cruise maybe?”. When I directed them to Anne Rice, neither had seen the movie nor read the book but were VERY eager to get into both! It’s so nice to see people discovering an author/story that’s been around for a long time and enjoying it.

This very much did brighten my day! You did well for our fandom ❤ 

The tsunami of fresh blood in our fandom is just, so heartwarming. I’m loving the fanart, the cosplay, there’s plenty of new fic, it’s awesome. Netflix has IWTV and QOTD up, so I think some ppl are seeing it there for the first time, there’s also the new book recently out…

I dug around in my memes for something special to give you for leading those two young twenty-somethings dressed in elegant business casual to the books, and this doesn’t entirely match up, but it spoke to me as wanting to be posted in response, so have this!:

The Last Drop: The Lost Chapters – Chapter 4 – Burnadette_dpdl, Rebness – Vampire Chronicles – Anne Rice [Archive of Our Own]



Fresh fanfic by myself and @wicked-felina (Rebness)!

Warnings: Gen, no warnings apply.

Words: 3,792

Characters: Nicolas de Lenfent, Louis de Pointe du Lac

Summary: A rainy afternoon at the café is a perfect setting for Louis and Nicolas to argue over philosophy and coffee.

Notes: This chapter is dedicated to the legendary Cesare, one of our all-time fave fanfic writers, who discovered our little AU and has left us wonderful encouraging comments! Among which, that they wanted to see a good dialogue between Louis and Nicki, and we sprung into action to fill the request. We hope that this satisfies like a smooth fancy coffee.

The Signature Blend Vampire Chronicles AU is a delight. Every fandom needs a coffeeshop AU (or many of them!) but I’m not sure how many fandoms are lucky enough to have a coffeeshop AU where the coffee is actually an important factor, and the shop is a huge part of the characterization, and there are breezy romcom elements alongside some of the existential issues of canon.

It’s so fun to see the VC characters skillfully modernized and set in motion. And this bonus chapter gives a lovely compare and contrast of two characters described in the books as “the very twin” of each other in their cynicism, but very different in other ways. 

So, I rec this obviously, since I encouraged it and it beautifully fulfills my request.

Also, thanks for the ego boost! Pro tip on becoming legendary: find a fandom that’s been hunted almost to extinction by a lawsuit-happy creator and therefore doesn’t have a ton of fic; write a fairly long id-riddled WIP; leave it hanging unfinished; then wait 18 years. Voila! ^_~

*flails* what a lovely endorsement, I’m speechless. I’ll reply better later, but you’re welcome, we wrote that last chapter for you, and we’re both thrilled with your reaction 😘

… and yes, the How To Become Legendary Pro tip worked perfectly for you, and we expect that chapter you’ve teased (and completion of the fic!! I ain’t too proud to beg)!

The Last Drop: The Lost Chapters – Chapter 4 – Burnadette_dpdl, Rebness – Vampire Chronicles – Anne Rice [Archive of Our Own]

Came for pics of Lestat. Stayed for basically everything (except Armand, sorry Armand).

Thank u! I, too, love pics of Lestat. Especially when he’s flustered…


[^X I made dis]

(I’m sorry that I don’t post as much of other characters, even though you said you weren’t here for Armand. Clearly I do play faves with them… but my #cute armand tag is probably my best contribution for Armand fans.)

Congrats on the new job ❤️❤️❤️

Thank u! 

Sorry for the delay in reply, I was wrapping things up at the old job and starting the new one, wanted to focus on real life for all that. 

I’m still sort of on a break but sneaking back on here now and then. I hope you’re doing well, too!

I don’t think I’ll ever be as active as I once was in my more active times here, I’m not as invested in it as I was, but I’m really pleased to see that other ppl have kept the fandom alive, all this new fanart from IWTV and QOTD being on Netflix and the new book coming out, others have taken up the fanworks supportive torch that I had been carrying, I’m happy to see the fandom active!







Reblog if you want a terrible, 3 sentence fan fiction in your ask, based on your url


“and then i saw him walk across the room. he got very close to me and whispered “back that sass up”“


He descended upon me, that pink archangel, with those pink and ripe nipples. “

12 minutes
“Oh not. Not another fire bender!” I said to myself. But then he came up behind me and grabbed my ass. So he’s cool now I guess
288,250 notes

“Its okay,” he said leaning his walking stuck against the wall and removing the young man’s glasses “ let me frost your roll” matt the blind cinnamon roll blushes as his core softened for his new lover.

10 minutes

“loki looked both ways, making sure it was safe to cross the bifrost before shouting, “lesbians assemble”

GOT ONE, a few hours later!!1!

‘So then Lestat broke into the room followed by a fed up Louis “I WANT MY INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE” He shout, the movie wasnt even edited yet’

Gosh, I see you looking my posts -and- my self portrait and honestly? I feel blessed. I love your blog.

You’re so welcome! What a lovely thing to tell me, awww. Thank you for the blog love ^______^

Here’s a rare old memeything for you, it’s from almost 4 yrs ago… I’m not sure if I ever posted it. Probably not, if I didn’t think it was funny enough at the time, but c’mon, this is gold: 


^Pretty sure the Dark Gift doesn’t work like that… 

I do check on ppl’s blogs when they catch my eye in my activity feed, and a major way to do that is by leaving supportive comments, on my posts or my reblogs of other’s posts. 

This is the lifeblood of a fandom right here, what you wrote on @sangcreole‘s post:

bless this post for such an insightful discussion. Louis is a beautifully layered character and you said it so well!

It was really a wonderful thing to say, that OP’s words had touched you, that it was worth their effort ❤ 

And another lifeblood is fanart, and you draw, so like… give us some VC fanart! We are insatiable for it! *grabby hands*