Here is Episode 6: Get a Grip (Part 3)

Start Reading Lore Olympus from the start On Webtoon.


Lore Olympus is a modern day retelling of the Classic Greek Myth; The Abduction of Persephone.

I love love love love love to a million and beyond love this series


I took him in my arms, oh, so cold, so unyielding, this monster which I had made out of human flesh.” Lestat—The Tale of the Body Thief. 

(psst, so sry for being a flake and missing the last two days! but y’know, classes.)

Ever since I read George Bernard Shaw’s “Pygmalion,” I became interested in that whole Pygmalion and Galatea Greek myth. In case anyone doesn’t know—the story is about a sculptor and how he fashions a statue of his ideal woman because he finds all real women repulsive. He ends up enamored with his creation, and prays to Aphrodite to breathe life into her; she does so, only to get him to shut up. They live happily ever after.

Anyway, whenever I think about the myth, I refuse to believe Galatea (the statue) was content to just be so complacent. It’s why I drew Louis’ face so disturbed. Just my take on it! Also, whenever I think about that quote ^^ up there, it just brings to mind the story.

InktoberVC—Day 15: Vampires as your favorite myth!