expanding on a comic i made a while ago. I love you, vampire steve buscemi

The Stages of Grief



Hi everybody.

@vgstims sent me this crying statue gif this morning and it hit me hard. I suddenly realized that I was in grief, dealing with the death of Tumblr as I knew it for over 4 years.

I never realized just how powerful an online community can be and to see it die is very tough to experience.

I just thought I’d share this with my followers, which believe it or not, is a little short of 50,000 on Tumblr, at 49,516.

The goal of my blog, as a fighter, was to bring the fight gym to Tumblr, to make it as real as possible for my followers, to have them experience virtually what a fight gym would feel like and what Manliness means.

I hope that I did that for all of of you!

As I said previously, I’ll continue to post until Tumblr takes me down, fight to the end!

Always seek Manliness!


And now a warning about drafts



You ever write up a post you decide will be too controversial or embarrassing but leave it in your drafts to sleep on and then forget about it? How about real personal stuff you weren’t sure you wanted to share at the time? Heavy-ass receipts on bad shit you’re leaving there only just in case you’re forced to use them?

Well if any of your drafts get flagged by the new system, a mod can apparently see them in with all your other flagged posts, and if they un-flag them, it publishes them automatically as a brand new post. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

…I have 485 drafts.

Time to fix that, I guess.

I have… 8,673 drafts… *laughcries* I’M A MEDIA HOARDER OK??




Shout-out to my fellow Fandom Olds who lived through Strikethrough/Boldthrough on LJ and knew this day would eventually come here on also

Especial shout-out to the heroes at AO3 who designed their whole operation knowing that every other platform fandom used would pull this bullshit sooner or later

Somehow, it seems to come for every place that isn’t maintained by fandom-savvy people and built specifically around a core of protection for freedom of expression. Which is why I’m not super stoked to see so many people bailing to Twitter, of all places. Jack can’t even handle nazis, and its reporting system is notoriously flawed and prone to abuse.

Oh, is it Purge O’Clock again?

I’ll be posting links to my presence on other platforms soon.





this should be the most reblogged post on tumblr before it dies

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