The thing about this is that sculptures like these in art history were for the male gaze. Photoshop a phone to it and suddenly she’s seen as vain and conceited. That’s why I’m 100% for selfie culture because apparently men can gawk at women but when we realize how beautiful we are we’re suddenly full of ourselves…

“You painted a naked woman because you enjoyed looking at her, put a mirror in her hand and you called the painting “Vanity,” thus morally condemning the woman whose nakedness you had depicted for you own pleasure.” ― John Berger, Ways of Seeing


the key to art is not giving a shit. not giving a goddamn shit. you gotta go to your sketchbook or computer or whatever and just draw free. no rules. do what you want and what feels right. if it looks like shit? no it doesn’t. keep going. keep drawing. you have a skill that is so rare and to keep it is the greatest gift of all.



Ah! It’s mah face! I love this so so much! Looks like a painting from a different era… you can see my lil lateral fangs, shhhh…. I love how they captured my asymmetry in such a beautiful and rich way, infused it with my spirit. I’ve always felt that portraits are a much better representation of one’s face than a selfie, bc the artist makes choices to construct the face of their subject, building it from nothing, like writing a story, whereas cameras (especially on phones with such short depth of field) have no human behind them, no empathy for their subject. A talented photographer can use a camera to do that, of course, but I digress…

This was a commission I paid the amazingly talented @vaciel for, and now I need to another one from them!! bc reasons. If you have the $, I highly recommend this wonderful artist, they are a pleasure to work with ❤





Dragan Bibin

this is the most profoundly terrifying group of paintings i’ve ever seen.

These are amazing. Deeply terrifying, but amazing.

Cab Stand at Madison Square Garden, 1900 by Sanna Dullaway

I just bought this as a canvas print for my new office, I love it! I wanted to commission some fanart for the office but didn’t want to explain why I have a portrait of a hot blonde guy or a gorgeous dark-haired guy, or a portrait of them both…

This looks to me like a photo Armand coordinated, sending a mortal out during the day to take pics in an area of New York City that he liked at night, and then Armand colorizing that photo by hand. So it’s a teensy VC reference for me while still being wholly appropriate for public display ^_______^