Names of 18th-century beauty patches

Beauty marks had names! And I find them hilarious.

Please, enjoy.


Nicolas has come to visit Lestat and Armand after such a long long time apart…
Photoshop + Pencils. I know Nicki will never return to the Vampire Chronicles but LET A MAN DREAM, OK????

Lestat is less than enthused and Armand probably has a thing for leather jackets that he is really trying to suppress. 


I’m late but it’s the thought that counts.
Vampires Cosplaying other Vampires for VCInktober 2018!!!

Here we have Daniel and Armand dressed as Eli and Oskar from Let the Right One In.


So, according to the Inktober list by @monstersinthecosmos, this is day 1: Cosplaying another vampire.

Started as a sketch now is kind-of-a-comic of Daniel cosplaying as Armand in the Interview With The Vampire film, while real the Armand complains about how he does not looks like Antonio Banderas AT ALL. I added the dialog, I don’t know if you all would prefer the clean version with only the drawing (let me know!).

Anyway, I found this imaginary situation hilarious, with the black wig badly worn (because Daniel).


I will add more characters when…I actually start drawing them and have an idea of how I imagine their colors. This is the color pallet I imagined for the boys (and kind of how their hands look, but not exactly)


“Daniel stared hard at the creature before him, this thing that looked human and sounded human but was not. There was a horrid shift in his consciousness; he saw this being like a great insect, a monstrous evil predator who had devoured a million human lives. And yet he loved this thing.” 
-The Queen of the Damned: The Story of Daniel, The Devil’s Minion

A more (less?) literal interpretation of Daniel’s thoughts about Armand and how he sees him. This was a very fun piece to draw and probably more my ‘style’ than anything I’ve drawn like all year! In hindsight I might have flipped the direction of the scorpion tail but yes, very fun! 
Pencils + Photoshop for coloring and editing.