🌹 Vampire Chronicles Aesthetics: Lestat/Nicki
“He reached out and put his arm around my neck and kissed me. We almost upset the table we were so blissfully drunk. “My lord, the wolfkiller, ” he whispered.”


Lestat: Joyeux anniversaire Nicki! Because today is your birthday you deserve something special. Only for you I bought one of the best wines in France and one fresh baguette ❤ Come and get your birthday wine ~ you can open the bottle with your mouth if you want >D~


Scene from “The Vampire Lestat” where he visited theatre once again but this time as a vampire. And met Nicolas de Lenfent. 

*Sob*  Everything about this character is rather depressively sad but yet so little words about his thoughts. I’ll never get through my grief about Nicolas. Why in the hell am I reading this book again? Why it ended up this bad for Nicolas? May be this time I’ll be able to find the real answer. (but I suspect life of Nicolas could be… less doomed if Lestat wasn’t both selfish and good-hearted)





Tom Hardy requested by melturr

wait what

that was tom hardy

my mind is blown

Yessss, that was Tom Hardy. This should explain why, for a while, I thought he’d be a great choice for playing Lestat. 

I see what you mean @gothiccharmschool! He’s great in these gifs, looks perf in period costume. He’s a great actor. Yeah, too old now for Lestat but he could be cast in another VC role… Maybe age him up further, and he can play the Marquis?


Vampire Chronicles ~*Wolf Killer Aesthetic*~

AKA “every time I see a picture of a male model in a fur coat I yell “LESTAT!” and save it so you might as well have a photoset of it YOU’RE WELCOME”

Lestat, before you became a vampire had you ever eaten a slice of pizza?

//ooc; This sat in my inbox for 3 weeks and I was stumped, but from my research, it’s unlikely that Lestat would have eaten pizza in the Auvergne, as it might have been difficult to make tomatoes grow there at that time. I don’t know when pizza first came to Paris, he might have had it there. 

@takemetocoffin-or-losemeforever​, my French resource, informs me Lestat might have had tourte aux pommes de terre, which is Auvergne potato pie. It tastes like potatoes and cream, mostly. There might be other pizza-adjacent foods he might have had. 

Is there a foodie in the house?

What foods does he miss, though? What foods would he have liked to try that didn’t exist during his time or were prohibitively expensive? Reblog/comment what you think, or message him about specifics.