inktobervc day 4: louis’s brithday

Gift houl!

  • Lestat gave louis a love letter, in which he wrote that he would do anything louis wants for the night.
  • Armand gave louis a beautiful carved candle.
  • Marius gave louis a special audition of a book they both like.
  • Daniel gave louis a hand shake and a nod.
  • Gabrielle gave louis exclusive tickets to a play preformed by human friends she made in her travels.
  • David gave louis an old ring that he found one time and kept for good luck.


more doodles of Claudia. 



louis n lestat and then some more lestat 
(full view pls)



Spring comic. Spring is when I miss living in the woods in Wisconsin the most, cool plants, morel mushrooms, my mom pulling wood ticks off my head… just wonderful.

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[The vampires in the theatre] can’t reflect anything.
But you do.
You reflect……its broken heart.
A vampire with a human soul.
An immortal with a mortal’s passion.
     …beautiful, my friend.



So I tried to do something… It’s supposed to be Claudia and Louis, but Louis looks like Steve Harrington from Stranger things because I used Harry Styles’ hair for it and… That came out. They don’t even look like vampires, but I’m practicing.
Also they don’t have face because I suck at drawing faces. So I guess I have to finish it sometime.

Please don’t judge, I usually draw people like the second picture ( human scale for architecture :v ) and I use a picture of some random dude with a baby so I cheated. (?

Pd: I did try to draw the face, but they scared me.