InktoberVC Day 13: Nicolas’ hands

As I told you when I was drawing this, I think I had never drawn Nic… Like, I don’t know why? But I should do more often (and in colour) draw him, because I haven’t drawn violinist’s hands in a while since I don’t go every weekend to the orchestra to hear one of my friends play.

I thought about drawing a pair of disembodied hands but I had to take the chance and draw him XD



Storyboard type things for that sad night in which Magnus steals Lestat away from Nicki and their humble but sweet life together..



Another anatomy study, this time a back view of playing Adam. 



Found some old Antoine and Armand fanart from my 2015 sketchbook. This was after I read Prince Lestat, and Antoine’s story had me in tears. Legit thought Armand might kill him and found myself gripping the book and praying with each sentence that Armand will see how sweet Antoine is and would let him live ;; man the feels in that chapter! 

Have you been hiding this from us since 2015…. I mean…. Good thing you’re so gd talented we forgive you anyway 😀 


Found a ton of old Vampire Chronicles books today and, honestly, I forgot how I loved Nicolas de Lenfent with my whole heart (guess who can’t draw violins though)

Anyway I did some dumb sketches because they’re a pretty cool gang I guess



Books Character| #1
The Vampire Chronicles |

Lestat de Lioncourt