I was thinking the same while we were watching it. My cousin was like “He’s awful…but I like him.” She liked Louis too he just wasn’t her favorite. She cheered when he destroyed the theater vampires, lol. She didn’t care for Armand much but that’s understandable given the circumstances.

Louis agrees w/ your cousin.


Armand is a Santiago & Armand hybrid ok jeez and he can’t be THAT offensive to someone who hasn’t read the book(s)!

New book! I still need to read Prince Lestat too…. oh well. Now that I have a job I can buy them, lol. I also wanted to tell you I made my cousin watch IWTV for the first time last night! Lestat was her fave but she felt sad for Claudia and Louis too.

Take your time, there’s no rush. Books are patient creatures.


Bringing your cousin into this: yesssss, fresh blood for the fandom ^______^

It’s endlessly amusing to me that Lestat is the real winner in that movie, bc Tom made him so lovable despite the cruelty he inflicts on everyone around him, and Brad solidified many ppl’s impression of Louis as a sad-sack and Kirsten made Claudia well… someone who deserved all the sympathy.

Dear Santa Lestat, I’ve been pretty good this year I think. I passed all my classes and even had a bit of a self discovery about my sexuality that I’m still working on. (I think I’m asexual), but it feels good to have somewhat of an idea in my head. I’d take whatever you feel like giving and pass my love onto the rest of the coven please! Happy Holidays!

 ♛Beth! Beth. You have been very good. 

As I am a student of the savage garden, there are no walls to my classrooms, there are limitless teachers, other classmates, group projects well sometimes I assign work to David because it does make him feel useful, aside from being my punching bag. However, I am tested. Often. And not always in the manner or at the time I would prefer *snorts* 

Merci, cherie, consider your love passed onto the coven, they are always flattered although they try not to show it that my adoring fans care for their well-being, too!


Your gift is a stroll along the East river in New York City, a flight up to the top of the Brooklyn Bridge to gaze upon the twinkling lights of one of my favorite cities in the world. 

And a lifetime subscription to Cat Fancy, because you have cats! 

As for your self discovery, that is wonderful! Does it feel as if a weight is being lifted? Asexuality is a very real orientation. After Louis’ book, many people asked Anne Rice our ghostwriter whether we were asexual as if it was a bad thing. Not just Louis and myself, but all vampires. The term is very specific… and I am certain that I have mentioned that certain features no longer “work” the same way after we are turned.

I defy definition as always. You may consider us asexual if it helps you.

I can tell you that whatever your definition of sex is (and it can be so much more than merely penetration), love is absolutely possible, nay, necessary. I am just realizing now that my search for goodness, doing good… these things are deeply rooted in a desire to be praised, but more than that, to be loved. Isn’t that what we all want? That first love you feel for your mother/parent is without language, it’s that simple.

Sex itself is an act of closeness, of allowing oneself to be vulnerable to another, to nurturing and satisfying that other person(s) (hey, there can be more than 2!). There’s a spectrum in that. You can be vulnerable and nurturing to others outside of sex, too. 

*flashes her a smile, hops onto the window sill. Bows courteously and then takes to the air*