The Tale of the Body Thief – LOL


Ooc; one of my favourite parts in the The Tale of the Body Thief is when Lestat burns Loius’ little shack down. He gathered priceless art so they won’t burn and uses Louis’ own candles to burn down the place while uttering:

“Oh, you deserve this, you treacherous ungrateful bastard!”

Followed by:

“Louis, I wish I could burn you! I’d do it! Oh, if only I knew where you lie by day!”

Lestat and Louis use fire to get back at each other. It must be love!


That was a particularly dark moment for us. I still bear a scar – albeit figurative – for that scathing betrayal, even as I’ve come to understand the logic of his decision at the time, but giving him a taste of his own kerosene certainly helped.