This interaction is one of the MANY reasons why I love this (Asta Nielsen’s) version of Hamlet.
So yes, that is Hamlet (left) and Horatio (right), and in this version, Hamlet is secretly a woman who was raised as a man to protect the royal family’s legacy.
The movie, in a vain and desperate attempt to avoid any implications of homosexuality, goes w the idea that Hamlet was secretly in love w Horatio (which…yea), and only pretended to love Ophelia for the sake of appearances.
And that would be all well and heterosexual, but Nielsen’s performance isn’t really that of woman pretending to be a man.
Honestly, this Hamlet feels way more gender fluid than *just* male, or *just* female. There’s flashes of both femininity and masculinity in the performance, making the whole thing waaaaay unintentionally gayer (always fun).
So, in this version, we actually get to SEE Hamlet and Horatio meet at Wittenberg.
Like, they get this whole little meet-cute scene where Horatio drops his quill and they both go to pick it up and their heads bump together, like in a romcom (I swear I’m not making this up, you can watch it on YouTube if you don’t believe me), which then leads to the part your seeing above this, where Hamlet basically just eye fucks Horatio for an entire scene.
What a piece of work is man, indeed.

On a scale of 1 to 10 how easy is it to scare Louis?

♛He doesn’t scare as easily now as he once did, that’s for sure. It takes serious planning, so I would say 3. If I have someone in league with me I have more of a chance at it, as he’s less suspicious of others, so maybe a 4. 


//ooc: the mun struggled with this, bc it is something Lestat has done, and frightening Louis can be comical in canon! So one would think it would be easy to come up with a humorous answer, but it sat for a month in my inbox bc I’m torn on it… Yes, it can be comical, but currently, I don’t think Lestat likes to frighten Louis purposely, I feel like they have reached a kind of mutual respect that wasn’t there in early canon. In earlier canon, I think that some of Lestat’s frightening Louis was about asserting dominance, or he was exasperated from every other attempt to get Louis on board with whatever he wanted. 

So while I don’t think Lestat intentionally tries to frighten Louis these days, it’s more like when he suggests some wild or


trip or activity that’s ignited his imagination, Lestat really just wants Louis to validate him, go along with him, and be part of it. Louis knows not to underestimate what can happen but he also doesn’t leap to conclusions, he sits at his desk and thinks about it before reacting, if he feels fear, he doesn’t immediately show it. 

When Lestat has moments of crippling stillness, which I think he still gets now and then, that’s frightening because Louis can’t always draw him out of it, and he worries that Lestat may slip into that state for nights/months/years ;A; Louis can also be frightened by Lestat’s rage at Louis or others, bc Louis knows that Lestat is capable of enormous destruction, and he has a short fuse. I don’t think that Lestat would be all that comfortable talking about any of that. 

I think Louis is too calm and collected these days to be easily frightened by Lestat or anyone else when it comes to pranks. I think the news, the current state of the world, is upsetting and frightening to him. I think Louis was very afraid of Akasha and her plan, but he was still able to speak up in front of her and risk her wrath. 

Hello again Lestat and Louis, and any other vampires around. I am curious about the relationships between you all. Is your coven (don’t know if that’s the right word) polygamous, or is it a friends with benefits type deal? Also Louis, what was your reaction to Lestat’s tattoo?

♛Only Louis and I have access to this account, and he would tell me not to kiss and tell. Should I? Do either?


I would say we’re more polyamorous than polygamous. Our idea of fidelity is different than for mortals. Or my own idea of fidelity is different than others in the coven.

One could call us a coven, with smaller, fluid groupings within it. Tribe. Collective. Coven. I’ve always found the word “coven” as more applicable to those who perform rituals and religious rites together, which we do, occasionally, but not in any kind of Sunday School regularity. We don’t crawl around in filth under a cemetery and worship Satan, that’s for sure. 

More than that I leave to your imagination *winks*

Louis still hasn’t told you about the tattoo prank? I’ll remind him. I’ll leave notes all over his coffin, that always gets his attention whether or not he plans to sleep in it. 

I have a question for you Lestat :3 i believe that you like Dior and Yves Saint Laurent while Louis is more of a Alexander McQueen person. Have I made the right concluison?

♛I prefer him not to wear anything at all…


I was going to listen to the IWTV soundtrack while in the shower, and had it playing on my computer which was on the counter, and as I began to undress I just saw that one piercing eye staring at me and was just like “nope, you’re not going to watch me shower,” and I quickly turned the computer around.


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#sprays with holy water [fanart by @mortcharmant]