Tumblr is actively shadowbanning visual artists





Yes, it is.
They stated that no account will be deleted, only adult contents will be oscured and and made private.
But it’s not what is happening.
Tumblr is shadowbanning all visual artists, no matter if they have NSFW or SFW material on their blogs. And this is mainly damaging the visual artists in the fandoms.
The proof?
Until some time ago, typing “Johnlock” in the dashboard search bar, I had among the popular results, tons of fanarts from the most famous artists. The fanarts were the most immediate and numerous result of the research, I’m sure you remember this.
Now it has completely changed. These are the search results on “Johnlock” search from today. There are almost exclusively text posts, chats, and memes. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against memes or text posts, they are great. The problem is that fanarts, manips, photosets, gifset, and even most of the actors’ photos have disappeared from the research.

Is it strange? Not a result from Anotherwellkeptsecret, Reapersun, Bluebellofbakerstreet? How is it possible?
Because Tumblr doesn’t want fandom material on its site anymore, and it doesn’t give a toss if it’s SFW or not. You’re a fandom artist? You are punished by becoming invisible.
So much for “SFW content is still allowed,” right? :)))
No, in reality it is not.
How are users supposed to find new artists to follow, if they’re shadowbanned?
How are arists supposed to make themselves known and show their creations, if they can’t be seen?

I surely don’t have to remind you that many artists use commissions to pay bills and as a help to live. If they are no longer visible, they will lose commissioners, and even if they don’t do commissions, this attitude of Tumblr will discourage them from creating new art, since they will be invisible.
There will be less new contents, less ficlets written under fanarts (if I don’t see the fanart, I can’t write a ficlet inspired by it).
We are all losing, due to the new Tumblr policy.

All of this adds up to other forms of boycott that Tumblr is using:
– internal research that no longer works: you can no longer explore the tags in a blog, because you do not see any results;
– some users don’t appear in the list of the notes to a post, even if they added something;
– for many users, their most popular posts are no longer visible under their username and blog title;

Tumblr doesn’t even allow anymore a visual preview of its own links, inside and outside Tumblr:

Besides, there are the old problems this site always had, never solved and now even more serious. The @ function doesn’t work anymore for many of us, and many peole don’t receive notifications from other users who have addressed them specifically.
Seeing what the situation is like, I don’t think they have the will to fix any of these errors.

Ultimately, we can also decide to remain here, but it’s clear that the site no longer wants us here, and it’s doing all it can to crush us and make us invisible.

But what can we do to fight back? Not much, I’m afraid. The only thig I can think about, is:

Follow and reblog





Make sure you follow all your fave artists before December, 17th, so you can keep track of them, and you can visit their blog directly, if you don’t see them in the search or in the dashboard.
And reblog their art, EVER. It could be the only way to save them from the oblivion.
Lurkers, readers, writers can be safe, for now, but our artist comrades are under attack.
This is the time to show that a fandom is truly a community, giving them all the support we can.

As a form of protest, and since I believe that Tumblr will try to shadowban this post, I have decided that I will punish it every day.
Deal with it, @staff 🙂

“Not safe for work content will be taken off starting Dec 17″

“Also Safe for work content will be removed”

If Tumblr is so desperate to kill itself just shut down the servers

Well, this is worrying.

It’s not surprising but seeing more people getting hit with a shadowban makes me wonder where Tumblr is eventually heading towards. It’s like looking at a person very slowly walk towards a cliff, and no matter how much you yell at them, they just keep walking.

Still, let’s see where this is going.

Writers are as well!

There are cases of writers being shadowban with our own fandom! Along with other fandoms!

Tumblr is destroying their own website to the ground.

This is disgrace for all creators!

Spread the word!

Writers and artists are being hit by this ‘new and improved’ tumblr cycle.

Please have other links where your readers can find your work! Just in case, tumblr decides to shadowban you as well or worst delete your blog.

Coming into a fandom late











































Coming into a fandom early and watching it become an angry clusterfuck


Being in a dormant fandom that suddenly comes alive again after a new book/movie


Don’t forget about those who come in the midst of a fandom war. 


Accuracy at its best

Being in a fandom and not even knowing there’s a war going on…

all of this shit…lol

When You’re Not In The Fandom But You’re Nosy AF

When you get into a fandom only to discover it’s dead

This gets better every time I see it. 


Being in a dead fandom…

Or being in such a tiny fandom that it feels like youre the only one

The accuracy hurts.

Being in a fandom that had a shit ending.

When you’ve been fangirling long enough, you’ve experienced all of the above.

Being in a fandom meant for kids.

This just gets better..


When you realize that joining the fandom has ruined you

Fandom hell in general


This^^^ just… ALL OF THIS.

Being in so many fandoms that you don’t even know what’s going on


Trying to recruit people to your fandom

Annnnnnndddd it’s back

Being in a fandom which has so many antis

I’ve probably reblogged this before, but that was before these great additions.

Being in a fandom that actually works together

Why is this so true? All of it.

being in a fanbase but all your mutuals suddenly turn into Kpop blogs


I always enjoy it when a good post comes around again and has been improved by the reblogs like the years for a fine wine.

Being in a fandom when shit goes down and everyone has different opinions

When you are in a fandom and don’t care for others people opinion…..even if they are right…(believe me, I have met several of those)

Being in a fandom you never meant to join

I love this. and it’s gotten better

After abandoning a fandom you’re still a little bit emotionally invested in….

All of these are me. Lol

Being in a fandom on Tumblr

And it reached its epic conclusion

Don’t just accept the new Terms of Service









Tumblr’s at it again, thanks to the new European Privacy Laws. There’s probably nobody who will read this, but it pissed me off so much that I decided to make a post about it. (Ignore the weird language mish-mash, depending on your country the language might differ.)

OK, so many of us get this screen when we try to access our dash:

Realise how the ‘OK’ button is a nice, attention-grabbing blue? If you’re like me, you’re not exactly into reading a 100 pages document and tend to just click it.

My tip? DONT. Instead click on ‘Manage Options’ right next to it:

Now you’ll see this page:

Still pretty harmless, right? That ‘Accept’ button is looking really attractive right now. Instead, click on Verwalten (Probably something like ‘Manage Options’ or something in english) and you’ll get to this page:

Now that’s not too bad, right? I just switched all the buttons to ‘off’, because I’m jealously guarding my personal information and don’t want Tumblr to go off and do who knows what with it. Looks like we’re done! But wait: There’s a SHOW option.

When we click on that one, what we will get is this:

A HUGE list with OVER 300 ENTRIES of companies that can use your data by default if you’d just clicked ‘OK’ on that very first page. Coincidence that this list is hidden that much? Me thinks not. They’re all switched on by default, but I am still a petty bitch that doesn’t want to give out her data, so I switched them all off. All 300+ of them. There is no option to switch them all off at once, and even if you disable all the options above, the companies are still switched on.

(If you wonder how i got that number, I copied the list into excel and looked at the cell number. No way am I actually counting all those entries)

I too, am a petty bitch who unticked every single one.

wooooooowwww thank you Europe

!!!!!!!!!If you already clicked “OK”, go to your Settings > Privacy > disable the cookie consent and re-enable it, it’ll take you to the beginning of this  !!!!!

Good ole EU.  But yeah, unselecting them all, one by one, was a pain.

If tumblr thought I wasn’t going to tick them off one by one, they were sorely mistaken, ahahaha.

It’s annoying but takes about five minutes.

i had to do it twice. I checked through the Oath thing, and they were ALL on again. Be careful.

Lmfao the entire point of GDPR is that private persons should have very easy control on who can use their data.. and tumblr is doing its best to make it extra hard. Ticked everything off, but this is such a fuck up.