Coming into a fandom late











































Coming into a fandom early and watching it become an angry clusterfuck


Being in a dormant fandom that suddenly comes alive again after a new book/movie


Don’t forget about those who come in the midst of a fandom war. 


Accuracy at its best

Being in a fandom and not even knowing there’s a war going on…

all of this shit…lol

When You’re Not In The Fandom But You’re Nosy AF

When you get into a fandom only to discover it’s dead

This gets better every time I see it. 


Being in a dead fandom…

Or being in such a tiny fandom that it feels like youre the only one

The accuracy hurts.

Being in a fandom that had a shit ending.

When you’ve been fangirling long enough, you’ve experienced all of the above.

Being in a fandom meant for kids.

This just gets better..


When you realize that joining the fandom has ruined you

Fandom hell in general


This^^^ just… ALL OF THIS.

Being in so many fandoms that you don’t even know what’s going on


Trying to recruit people to your fandom

Annnnnnndddd it’s back

Being in a fandom which has so many antis

I’ve probably reblogged this before, but that was before these great additions.

Being in a fandom that actually works together

Why is this so true? All of it.

being in a fanbase but all your mutuals suddenly turn into Kpop blogs


I always enjoy it when a good post comes around again and has been improved by the reblogs like the years for a fine wine.

Being in a fandom when shit goes down and everyone has different opinions

When you are in a fandom and don’t care for others people opinion…..even if they are right…(believe me, I have met several of those)

Being in a fandom you never meant to join

I love this. and it’s gotten better

After abandoning a fandom you’re still a little bit emotionally invested in….

All of these are me. Lol

Being in a fandom on Tumblr

And it reached its epic conclusion

Well, it seems we’ve come to the end of the road. 


I can’t say enough to thank the whole VC fandom here for all the good times we had, I can never fully repay what a great experience it’s been for me! I’m not deleting this blog, and the @vcsecretgifts​ exchange is still up and running, we’ll try to keep it on this crumbling hellsite as long as we can. We’re setting up a Dreamwidth comm vcsecretgifts where we’ll be crossposting the works. We’ll also try to move the archive of older gifts there.


(^Anyone is welcome to use this gif, btw.) 

Was I a pillar of the fandom? All I wanted for this blog was to be a collection of fanwork when it was so hard to find, and then encourage the creation of more of it. Now, when the the fandom is exploding with new fanart, writing, RP, meta, and other fanworks, that’s when the ship has started sinking. It’s upsetting, but fandom will go on, we’ll migrate somewhere.


Find me on:

>AO3: burnadette_dpdl

>Dreamwidth: vcsecretgifts, burnadette-dpdl, iwantmy-iwtv, and iwantmyiwtv.


I’m not planning on archiving this tumblr blog anywhere that anyone will be able to view it. I might try to get it on wordpress, but at nearly 15,000 posts from July 2013 to now, it’s a lot of material to try to move. So take what you can from it. 

>Twitter: i_want_my_iwtv and iwantmyiwtv. (I’m not really a twitter person, but it’ll serve as a way to stay in touch with me.)

>Instagram: iwantmyiwtv


Seeing as we may all be purged soon, I’m going to try to clear out my queue soonish (so there may be blasts of a lot of posts), and try to get responses back to some older messages and asks. I’ll probably save most of them for response somewhere else, though. I’m sorry that it took me so long, I thought we had more time… Some of these asks are years old! *facepalm*

You have my permission to save/download anything from my blog, it would be nice if you kept my username, with or without dashes, if you repost. 

One final request – as we migrate away to new platforms, we’ll be looking for our old friends, by their old names, and it would be cruel to take these names and impersonate others. I had parked several variations of this blog name here, but I can’t park them all on all platforms. If anyone parks my name, please send it to me w/ the login credentials.

If anyone claims to be me, come find me at Twitter, and I’ll clarify whether it’s me or not. 


You made these last 5+ years so much fun, and I hope we find each other on new platform(s)!

Anyone, VC fandom or otherwise, is welcome to comment/reblog this and add their other platforms.

And now a warning about drafts



You ever write up a post you decide will be too controversial or embarrassing but leave it in your drafts to sleep on and then forget about it? How about real personal stuff you weren’t sure you wanted to share at the time? Heavy-ass receipts on bad shit you’re leaving there only just in case you’re forced to use them?

Well if any of your drafts get flagged by the new system, a mod can apparently see them in with all your other flagged posts, and if they un-flag them, it publishes them automatically as a brand new post. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

…I have 485 drafts.

Time to fix that, I guess.

I have… 8,673 drafts… *laughcries* I’M A MEDIA HOARDER OK??




Shout-out to my fellow Fandom Olds who lived through Strikethrough/Boldthrough on LJ and knew this day would eventually come here on also

Especial shout-out to the heroes at AO3 who designed their whole operation knowing that every other platform fandom used would pull this bullshit sooner or later

Somehow, it seems to come for every place that isn’t maintained by fandom-savvy people and built specifically around a core of protection for freedom of expression. Which is why I’m not super stoked to see so many people bailing to Twitter, of all places. Jack can’t even handle nazis, and its reporting system is notoriously flawed and prone to abuse.

Oh, is it Purge O’Clock again?

I’ll be posting links to my presence on other platforms soon.





this should be the most reblogged post on tumblr before it dies

We need to reblog this so much that the post breaks

Reblog pls

Hey, Tumblr:


Censoring erotic content makes you no different from any other Puritanical asswipe from the dawn of time. I notice you have no problem with violent content, but nope, nope, gotta police the shexy, don’t you know.

What is the demographic of your users, I wonder? Because the corner I occupy is predominately young women, young women who have been able to express their sexuality freely in the safe space….and now you are taking that away. Once again women are punished for being sexual.

Damn you, Tumblr. “A more positive” place? Try homogenized, Bowlderized, neutered, and pointless.

What’s next, Tumblr? Banning “degenerate art?” You and the Nazis, Tumblr, you and the goddamned Nazis.

How to Backup your Tumblr



I was just semi-complaining that I was still looking for a decent way to backup my +6k posts without having to use paid services or even just wordpress (which has an import from tumblr tool that asks for permission to access your blog and also make posts), when I decided to actually put some effort into my google search. 

Results were positive: I have successfully backed up my blog

*By which I mean: everything that I have ever posted
Not included: drafts, queue, likes, followers, following, comments, notes, chat. 

I followed this method (word by word), and now have a 450 MB folder on my computer with the name of my blog on it containing: 

1. Folder “Archive” (contains .html files listed by month)
2. Folder “Media” (contains gifs and images, mine has +1k files in it; might contain also audios but I have no way of confirming that because I’ve never reblogged an audio post from this blog)
3. Folder “Posts” (contains single .html files, each one a post; I have +4k files in it)
4. Folder “Theme” (contains only my avatar, but it might be a matter of if you have personalized themes or not)
5. .html file “Index” (by opening it it will give you the archive of your blog organized by month; clicking on a month will open up the archive for that month, and you’ll be able to read all the posts for that month as if you were on your blog**, except sans your theme graphic, with each page containing 50 posts)

**I can see gifs, links, embedded videos, tags, number of notes (but I can’t open up the notes, clearly), text is also correctly formatted. 

So yeah, in case anyone wants a very quick way to back up their blog, it took me less than 10 minutes. 

P.S. I didn’t have any issue, but to be on the safe side always check for spyware and virus threats before and after downloading anything. 

this is actually really useful if you have an art blog full of years of work that you otherwise no longer have access to the original files. A lot of the art I have in the early days of my art blog are in that boat. I did this process JUST for that reason and I was pretty astonished at just how many pieces of media it backs up! (literally all of it) Drawings I didn’t even realize were sitting in my archive due to having been posted to text posts or undercuts, or untagged for years! It’s worth it if just for that, even if tumblr isn’t shutting down or deleting your blog.

Back up your stuff, ppl. Reach out to those you want to stay connected to so you know other platforms to find them on. *sigh*