Okay, but wouldn’t both Louis (at 5’11 or shorter) and Lestat (at 6ft) be freakishly tall for their time? And especially for a pair of Frenchies?

I mean, why wasn’t Babette Freniere like, ‘oh man, that shadowy figure offering me advice has to be the freakishly tall guy from down the road!’

@monstersinthecosmos and @wicked-felina:

Louis was picked because he was one of the few people Lestat wouldn’t have to pick up to kiss 


(also those life expectancies @13bels??! So short?? I’m cry?! ;A;)

(yeah Babette, c’mon girl, your spooky admirer is the only other tall guy around for miles? Definitely that Pointe du Lac weirdo)




Interview with the Vampire (1976)

Book One of The Vampire Chronicles

by Anne Rice

The first one is clickbait and I love it


They came looking for hetero romance…

“The spellbinding classic of the undead and an undying love” 


La somnambule – Edouard Rosset-Granger


Babbette Freneire-esque? From Interview with the Vampire:

“She was looking at me now, the lamp raised; and just when I meant to look away, I saw her face change. It went still, blank, as if her soul were losing its consciousness. She closed her eyes and shook her head. It occurred to me that I had somehow caused her to go into a trance without any effort on my part.‘What are you!’ she whispered.’You’re from the devil. You were from the devil when you came to me! ”