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Hello all, we got a great turnout this year! Your mods are now working on assignments and should send them out early next week, definitely by Nov. 24. Thanks to everyone for joining 😀

In the meantime, you can dig around in the archives for inspiration, if you like!



Jan Van Oost – Mirrorcoffin (1987)

Paging Lestat.


Okay, but wouldn’t both Louis (at 5’11 or shorter) and Lestat (at 6ft) be freakishly tall for their time? And especially for a pair of Frenchies?

I mean, why wasn’t Babette Freniere like, ‘oh man, that shadowy figure offering me advice has to be the freakishly tall guy from down the road!’

@monstersinthecosmos and @wicked-felina:

Louis was picked because he was one of the few people Lestat wouldn’t have to pick up to kiss 


(also those life expectancies @13bels??! So short?? I’m cry?! ;A;)

(yeah Babette, c’mon girl, your spooky admirer is the only other tall guy around for miles? Definitely that Pointe du Lac weirdo)


“I love you the more in that I believe you had liked me for my own sake and for nothing else.” – John Keats

Louis and Lestat. I doubt there were many quiet moments like this because Lestat is Lestat and does not have an inside voice, but I’m sure Louis appreciates them all the more for their rarity. I always imagine Louis to be fond of bundling up in thick blankets while Lestat wants one thin sheet or nothing at all. When they snuggle outside of their coffins, that is.

I just want to say thanks for keeping this blog going! It brightens my day to see your posts

Thanks, Anon! That means so much!


Full disclosure, I got this a little over a week ago, and I meant to reply sooner, but I was hanging onto it, just kinda hoarding it for the feels, I hope you still feel the same way 9 days later and at least one post about problematic stuff *laughcries*

I used to have a rule about asks, responding within 48 hours, and I’ll try to honor that again!




Found this on my Instagram and immediately thought of you. I hope you’re well, and having a lovely day! 💖

I LOVE THIS!! Great find, @artisticfreedomofexpression. Definitely brightened my day *hugs tightly*



Interview with the Vampire + Fresh Off the Boat

Why did I make this I just saw Louis in the subtitles and I thought of this I’m crying