Interview with the Vampire fanart by Natasha Kinaru

“What a beautiful movie! Being in love with vampire stories since my childhood, I’ve read quite a few of Anne Rice’s books over the years, and of course watched the big-screen version. I don’t know what inspired me more for this – the book or the movie. Probably both. I used A4 Lomond Matt Photopaper (not the photo side), Rotring mechanical pencils B, 2B and kooh-i-noor pencils 2H-8B”

“I am inspired by people, so different, beautiful, interesting, mysterious, bright, talented. Drawing allows you to see them closer, try to guess the character, to convey mood, emotion. If it works – a portrait alive, looking at it you can see the spark in his eyes and painted soul of the artist”.

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I think the best piece of character design advice I ever received was actually from a band leadership camp I attended in june of 2017. 

the speaker there gave lots of advice for leaders—obviously, it was a leadership camp—but his saying about personality flaws struck me as useful for writers too. 

he said to us all “your curses are your blessings and your blessings are your curses” and went on to explain how because he was such a great speaker, it made him a terrible listener. he could give speeches for hours on end and inspire thousands of people, but as soon as someone wanted to talk to him one on one or vent to him, he struggled with it. 

he had us write down our greatest weakness and relate it to our biggest strength (mine being that I am far too emotional, but I’m gentle with others because I can understand their emotions), and the whole time people are sharing theirs, my mind was running wild with all my characters and their flaws.

previously, I had added flaws as an after thought, as in “this character seems too perfect. how can I make them not-like-that?” but that’s not how people or personalities work. for every human alive, their flaws and their strengths are directly related to each other. you can’t have one without the other.

is your character strong-willed? that can easily turn into stubbornness. is your character compassionate? maybe they give too many chances. are they loyal? then they’ll destroy the world for the people they love.

it works the other way around too: maybe your villain only hates the protagonist’s people because they love their own and just have a twisted sense of how to protect them. maybe your antagonist is arrogant, but they’ll be confident in everything they do.

tl;dr “your curses are your blessings, and your blessings are your curses” there is no such thing as a character flaw, just a strength that has been stretched too far.

This is such a fabulous flip side of what I’ve always known about villians. That their biggest weakness is that they always assume their own motivations are the motives of others.

This is brilliant!!



I wrote a little drabble and thought I’d share it 🙂 It is based on a pretty vivid dream I had from Louis’s perspective. I hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂

Interview with the Vampire

Lestat/Louis, Claudia 

Word count: 697

It was an unusually cold summer’s
night; every now and again, rain fell that pattered on the roof and the windows
and left a thick, hazy mist in the air. Claudia and I had settled on the large,
cushioned fauteuil in the sitting room. We had discussed our arrangements of
leaving New Orleans, our arms interlinked, her head lightly placed on my chest.
At times, she looked up at me with that angelic expression, lashes gently
fluttering, painting shadows on her round cheeks. She had talked of Lestat
sharply, resentment darkening her tone. Resentment had drowned out all other
feelings she might once have had for him. I couldn’t understand, how she could
talk of leaving without the wistful ache of past bliss eating at her heart, how
quickly that dark seed of hatred had corrupted her, as if she had no memory of
peace and happiness. Lestat would soon be back, she said, and when he returned,
she would go out. I did not need to make an effort to hear Lestat’s heady steps
in the parlour, as he made no effort to conceal them. Often, I felt, he simply
could not allow us to miss his arrival, almost trampled needlessly on the stairs;
he wanted us to notice. He would barge into the sitting room, still shaken by
peals of laughter of which he would not reveal the reasons, unless asked. It
was much the same tonight, he was chuckling to himself as he entered, his grey
eyes radiant, his cheeks full, his skin warm and rosy from the kill. He stopped
now before us, shortly, the laughter chipped off and faded into a shallow
smile. His darkened face was a mask and his smile quivered as he gazed at us in

“Oh look at my sweet little family,”
he said, voice brittle. So tender, his expression, yet I noticed the hint of
jealousy that poisoned his tone. Claudia and I remained silent, she merely
tensed in my arms. He turned now, swiftly and moved towards the balcony, with
meaning in his stride. He rattled purposefully at the door and swept away, out
of sight. We could hear him hum a melody, a Spanish tavern song perhaps, but
the notes scratched at his throat, the sounds were jagged, and his fingers were
strumming an impatient rhythm onto the balustrade. The wind picked up again and
billowed the lace curtains, the candle flames stirred in the breeze, a dried
rose petal fell. The air was humid and cold and smelled of rain.

It didn’t take long for him to come
back into the room, the balcony door closing behind him with a loud thud. He
had stopped humming and he looked at us again, blankly, coldly, without a
smile. Claudia stirred, and I loosened my grip around her, so she could get up
and away. This was when he came towards me, gesturing for me to move so he
could settle on the fauteuil beside me. Claudia stood next to it now, and she
watched as he pulled me close to him, on top of him, so that I sat between the
legs he had stretched on the settee and against his chest as he leaned back. He
folded his arms tightly around me and I could feel him sigh beneath me, I could
feel his breath in my ear and it raised every hair on my body. He relaxed,
completely, his cheek against my hair, cradling me. I could feel the powerful
vibration of his voice as he spoke to Claudia.

“Listen, listen, listen,” he said,
agitatedly, as if to keep her from turning away and leaving.

“His heartbeat,”
he paused, “isn’t it precious?”
And then I could feel it too, the faint thudding of my heart against his arms,
his hands that he had laid now flat on my chest. It was low at first, but then
it seemed to pound harder and harder in his embrace, against the arms that
trapped me and kept me close to him. Claudia didn’t respond, she merely locked
eyes with me, her piercing gaze solemn and meaningful. Then she turned swiftly
and left without a sound. 


Interview with the Vampire (cosplay photography) (instagram) 

Louis: @ziharkkrios (instagram) 
Lestat: @king_oberjohn (instagram) 
Claudia: @nunnally_lol (instagram)
Victim: @thelematherion (instagram)

1, 2, 3, 4 (”Le Sabrosée” by and @nunnally_lol), 5, 6

I wanna see you do Lestat!! I feel like that’d be magical.


I really want to try Lestat! I don’t have a wig (well…I do have a white-blonde Viserys wig, but it’s not the yellow blonde I’d need…), but it’s on my makeup test list!

Not sure if you saw it on my Instagram but I did transform my buddy @aegiskitty into Lestat for a fun thing we’re working on and oh, my LAWD, she killed it.








Testing Philippe and Chevalier from the TV show VERSAILLES.

You like it!? all costumes were made by @Benalue_Costumes ! The hairstyling too!

Together with her we will do a full accurate cosplay shoot in 2019, but until then we gotta wait and live with this test here. So, it’s not perfect, but we just wanted to try it out!


This is fantastic!

Um… I’m sorry… What is this witchcraft?!

witchcraft is a serious accusation, my dear XD we are merely mortals with make up!

Witchcraft… make-up… Incredible, either way 😉 ♥

thank you so very much!!!!