He [Lestat] stared at me as if I frightened him, and he a man of six feet and I a child no more than half that, at best. “Am I beautiful to you?” I demanded. […] He was in a dreadful state. I thought he’d pull away, laugh, flash his usual brimming colors. But instead he dropped to his knees before me and took hold of both my arms. He kissed me roughly on the mouth. “I love you,” he whispered. 

Claudia’s Diary (The Queen of The Damned)

Was it your birthday? :o I didn’t know! Shame on me! hahaha A late happy birthday for you!! The gods only know how much I love this blog, srsly! xx

Indeed it was the anniversary of the day of my birth, the day I arose from the foaming sea on a giant pearlescent shell, white-gardenia-scented and surrounded by the melodies of little songbirds in all my magnificence… ok maybe some of that is not entirely accurate but WHATEVER Thank u for the late happy and the lovely compliment!




a vampire chronicles playlist

“Evil is a point of view. We are immortal. And what we have before us are the rich feasts that conscience cannot appreciate and mortal men cannot know without regret. God kills, and so shall we; indiscriminately. […] For no creatures under God are as we are, none so like Him as ourselves, dark angels not confined to the stinking limits of hell but wandering His earth and all its kingdoms." 

This is my first 8tracks playlist ever, It took me forever to get it ready! haha Hope you guys like it ♥