“Daniel stared hard at the creature before him, this thing that looked human and sounded human but was not. There was a horrid shift in his consciousness; he saw this being like a great insect, a monstrous evil predator who had devoured a million human lives. And yet he loved this thing.” 
-The Queen of the Damned: The Story of Daniel, The Devil’s Minion

A more (less?) literal interpretation of Daniel’s thoughts about Armand and how he sees him. This was a very fun piece to draw and probably more my ‘style’ than anything I’ve drawn like all year! In hindsight I might have flipped the direction of the scorpion tail but yes, very fun! 
Pencils + Photoshop for coloring and editing. 


He [Lestat] stared at me as if I frightened him, and he a man of six feet and I a child no more than half that, at best. “Am I beautiful to you?” I demanded. […] He was in a dreadful state. I thought he’d pull away, laugh, flash his usual brimming colors. But instead he dropped to his knees before me and took hold of both my arms. He kissed me roughly on the mouth. “I love you,” he whispered. 

Claudia’s Diary (The Queen of The Damned)


First half of a diptych I’m currently working on – Daniel Molloy, from Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles. I’ve been loving his (and Armand’s) story for so much time now, I needed to make some angsty fanart! QotD era. As reference, I used an IWTV still of Christian Slater, and then just gave him light hair 😛 

Ignore that dreadful typewriter

The second part of the diptych will be Armand’s part of this scene in QotD.


Was watching movie!Queen of the Damned w/ @roselioncourt yesterday and we caught this little thing… Mojo made it into the movie! Different form than in canon, but hey, it counts.

Got through most of the movie and then had to pause it with 30 min left, but you know, each time I watch it there are things that I begrudgingly admit that I really like, ok?? I do. Reblog/comment on this post with love for movie!Queen of the Damned, it’s what Mojo would want ❤

(A little personal note under the cut)

The new job is now 2 weeks in and I’m really busy, learning the way things get done, meeting new ppl, it’s great! I have mixed feelings about being on what is a real hiatus but I think it’s for the best, for now. 

I’ll be back someday. Definitely in time for when Blood Communion drops! There’s probably going to be a NYC booksigning so keep an eye out for that, let me know if you hear about any booksignings and I’ll reblog here so that hopefully ppl can meet up in real life and go to them ^_______^