♚ i am; a kylo ren fanmix


kettering – the antlers, mean – nicole dollanganger, my body is a cage – arcade fire, high and dry – radiohead, i come with knives – iamx, god knows i tried – lana del rey, in the woods somewhere – hozier, neighbourhood #2 (laika) – arcade fire, black eyes – radical face, something rotten – placebo, have you seen me – nicole dollanganger


DELICIOUS DISORIENTATION  an Armand/Daniel mix        [ L I S T E N ]

Before I ever met you

 Banks /// I put a spell on you

  Annie Lennox /// It will come back

Hozier /// Fire meet gasoline

 Sia /// Damned if I do

 Jace Everett /// Corrupt

 Depeche Mode /// Meet me in the middle

 Jessie Ware /// Free the animal

 Sia /// Crazy in love (2014 remix)  Beyoncé /// Angel of small death & the codeine scene

 Hozier /// What kind of man – Florence + the Machine /// Love Is To Die

Warpaint /// Dead inside



monsieur le ROCKSTAR: a rock n’ roll playlist for our brat prince  ♛

❝ I was enchanted by the world of rock music – the way the singers could scream of good and evil, proclaim themselves angels or devils, and mortals would stand up and cheer. Sometimes they seemed the pure embodiment of madness.❞

1. anthem for the young and reckless by santa cruz 
2. it’s so easy by guns n’ roses
3. so alive by crashdïet 
4. shout at the devil by mötley crüe
5. nothin’ but a good time by poison
6. nightrain by guns n’ roses
7. wanted dead or alive by tom cruise and julianne hough
8. cum on feel the noize by quiet riot 



listen @ 8tracks 


I Put A Spell On You ; Jeff Beck ft. Joss Stone // Jungle ; Jamie N Commons & X Ambassadors // Whatever You Like ; Joan As Policewoman // Ways To Go ; Grouplove // Follow You Down ; POP ETC // Swallow the Sea ; An Horse // A Beautiful Thing ; The Handsome Family // Trouble (Stripped) ; Halsey // Oleander ; Mother Mother // What Kind Of Man ; Florence + the Machine // Not Gonna Let You Walk Away ; LOLO // Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth (With Money In My Hand) ; Primitive Radio Gods

(Well, ha surprise! Here’s a mix that’s a sort of sequel to this one. Only this mix is slightly less depressing & pretty much a chronological order of their relationship from first look to falling apart.)


A fanmix for the fighting, fuck ups, and fire-starting

i. Every You, Every Me – Placebo, ii. How You Remind Me – Nickelback, iii. Which To Bury, Us or the Hatchet? – Relient K, iv. The Enemy – Mumford & Sons, v. With or Without You – U2, vi. It Ain’t Me, Babe – Editors, vii. Love Will Tear Us Apart – Nerina Pallot, viii. You Could Be Happy – Snow Patrol, ix. Liar – Mumford & Sons, x. Hallelujah – Rufus Wainwright, xi. One – U2, xii. Love’s Not a Competition (But I’m Winning) – Kaiser Chiefs


Hey, what kind of music does everybody listen to? I think we all know Lestat’s music taste but what about Armand, David, Louis and Marius. I imagine Louis listens to Nirvana or Hozier or classical music.

I could write a thesis on this. DON’T WORRY I WON’T DO THAT.


(BTW, if you’re just looking for music reccs, I have a VC fanmix, fanmix, and music tag for that)

First of all, you have to consider when are they listening to music? It can be solitary or social…

Armand ~

  • Enjoys gathering a small audience and hiring live musicians to play complicated classical pieces. Or asking that vampires who can play things come and entertain them. He still loves Sybelle at the piano, even better that her repertoire has expanded beyond the Appassionata. Antoine has played lively duets with her.
  • Otherwise, Armand throws on huge wireless headsets while perusing art galleries. He’ll listen to anything others recommend to him, he shares a Spotify account so that anyone can try out his playlist, which has a broad spectrum of musical styles. 
  • Armand is drawn to works that are used in ice skating competitions, oddly. It is a recent obsession.

David ~

  • Musicals, anything upbeat. Has a love for Spanish culture, Flamenco, like the Gypsy Kings. Without much urging, Lestat will put on makeup and dress up in a Flamenco gown and dance with David in public!
  • David’s rainy-day guilty pleasure are artists like Michael Bolton, for when he’s home alone, feeling left out of the coven activities.
  • He also loves Sting; the song that hooked him was Desert Rose, which Marius sent him on a mix-CD because of the Arabic singer, Cheb Mami.

Louis ~

  • It takes a long time for Louis to warm up to new bands, and he likes a few pieces by Hozier which Lestat added to Louis’ outdated iPod. It’s an older gen model but it still works fine, so Louis doesn’t see a need to replace it. 
  • He prefers pieces without lyrics, ambient works that he can melt into while reading. 
  • The Blade Runner movie that Armand got him to watch the first time made Louis a Vangelis fan and a fan of film soundtracks. He often plays the Gone Girl soundtrack.

Marius ~

  • Daniel and Lestat have introduced him to alot of modern music. Marius will listen while he paints. Marius is the biggest Hozier fan of the four discussed.
  • Whatever will inspire during painting, but he will also go to live performances of just about anything to be sociable ❤


  a mix of music mentioned throughout the American Psycho novel

be my baby – the ronettes // then he kissed me – the crystals // dancing in the streets – martha reeves & the vandellas // i feel free – belinda carlisle // faith – george michael // new sensation – inxs // pump up the volume – marrs // party all the time – eddie murphy // sussudio – phil collins // in too deep – genesis // like a prayer – madonna // hip to be square – huey lewis and the news // heaven is a place on earth – belinda carlisle // the greatest love of all – whitney houston // do you believe in love – huey lewis and the news


listen @ 8tracks


Say You Love Me ; Jessie Ware // Keep It Healthy ; Warpaint // Crying ; TV on the Radio // Ashkelon ; Tasseomancy // Sacrilege ; Yeah Yeah Yeahs // Gasoline ; Alpine // Some Children ; Holy Ghost // Suspicious Minds ; Elvis Presley // I Know I Know I Know ; Tegan and Sara // Cut Your Teeth ; Kyla La Grange // Gigantomachy ; Cake Bake Betty // Your Joy Is My Low ; IAMX //
Reel Around the Fountain ; The Smiths

(the promised mix from the art I post earlier!

it’s best listened to in the order here, so if for any reason someone wants a DL link instead of a playlist link, lemme know.)